Major developments you need to know about

This week’s podcast is all about the major developments in the planning that you need to be aware of.

HS2 route 2 announced

The second phase of this development has now been announced and there are some unexpected winners (Wigan and Crewe, we’re looking at you) and some potential losers. Not just for train geeks (like our very own Rob B), this link demonstrates just how commutable these northern cities are – 55 mins from Crewe to London, anyone?!

Heathrow Expansion – Not just big news for London

The Airports Commission have estimated that Heathrow expansion will create up to 179,800 jobs and up to £211bn in economic region benefits across the UK by 2050.

Crossrail 2

Overcrowding on the Tube is forecast to double by 2041, and National Rail services will face similar challenges! Crossrail 2 would increase central London’s rail capacity by more than 10 per cent. You can check out the submission to the National Infrastructure Commission right here

Northern Hub Rail improvements

£1 billion pound project to electrify railways in the northwest, slashing journey times and increasing capacity (not to be confused with HS3). This also includes station upgrades, new and improved lines. It will increase the number of passenger train services across the region by 40%. Journey times will fall between Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

The Multiple Billion Pound Projects in Manchester

Piccadilly Station – HS2 Hub.

Read the details on this one here.

Manchester Airport

Said to be the biggest single construction project ever to take place in Greater Manchester, the 10-year scheme will more than double the size of Terminal Two and link it to an improved Terminal Three.  Doubling the number of airport jobs to 40,000 within 30 years and adding 10m annual passengers in just a decade, the move bolsters Manchester’s battle for the government to recognise the true worth of regional airports and underlines Manchester Airport’s place at the heart of The Northern Powerhouse. 

Manchester Place (£3bn) 

10,000 new homes being built over 150 acres

Paradise Project in Birmingham

HS2 and banks relocating aren’t the only thing getting the headlines in Birmingham. Paradise Project is considered one of the biggest city centre regen projects outside of London. £500m will be spent on shops, offices and improving the layout of the city centre.

Resource of the week

This week’s resource is for you if you’ve been wondering how your credit score compares to your neighbours. Brought to you by Clearscore, this tool analyses data by postcode. In case you’re wondering, Kingston-Upon-Thames is officially the most credit worth place to live in the UK. Read more here.

News this week

We’ve recorded this podcast just ahead of The Autumn Statement, but it’s bound to have produced something newsworthy. We will come back to this if there’s anything crucial, but meanwhile head over to the forum to discuss.

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