2016 in review

If you’re listening to this during that in-betweeny time between Christmas and New Year then well done you – that is hardcore podcast listening!

We’ll start with what’s happened with us this year. We launched a gorgeous new website for Property Hub, full of courses, info, and a fab forum. If you don’t use it to do more than listen to the podcast then please go check it out.

Our Magazine subscribers doubled this year and it’s fair to say we’re delighted with the publication we put out. Our team work incredibly hard on this and it must be pretty good to be doubling it’s subscribers this year. If you’re still not a subscriber then you can sign up right here so you don’t miss a single copy in 2017. We have a new features editor, some new big-hitting writers starting in the new year, and we’re so excited with what is to come.

The Meetups have grown from a handful in 2015 to over 35 regular monthly events, and this has been entirely down to Abbey, Vicky and The Meetup Leaders who have helped to grow this project. If you’re yet to come along to your local Meetup then please do come along and say hi, we’ll be popping up at as many Meetups as possible to say hello in 2016.

We also held a Northern Summit and whilst our plans are not quite nailed down just yet – we are sure we’ll do something in the North in 2017. Meanwhile there may be a couple of tickets available for the London Summit in February, but be quick because these could sell out any time now – check here to see if there are still tickets available.

In other news… this is the year that will be remembered for bringing us Brexit and Trump – and the truth is that any personal opinions aside, we’re not scared of either. This is definitely not a time to be fearful if you know your stuff. We’ll have a new course out in the next few weeks which is all about how the market may progress, so look out for that as it will definitely cover any potential impact of these big events.

Bigger news (in property at least) were the stamp duty changes for people with second homes and beyond – so basically all BTL investors. This one was particularly hard on investors in the South East. Definitely a big event for the property investment market.

So, what’s next for The Robs? Rob D has committed to writing a new book (feel free to chase him up on that), we’re going to up our game massively on social media (which wouldn’t be hard to be fair!). Our social media channels will be bringing you really interesting content in 2017, so please watch this space and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We have another big announcement or two which we hope you’ll love but we can’t say any more about these for now. You’ll just have to keep listening throughout the new year to find out more.

And of course we have our resource of the week. It’s not new, but it is vital. It’s the best time of year for setting goals and there is no better way than with our Goal Setting Course. Check it out here.

What did 2016 bring for you? What are your plans for the new year? Continue the conversation over at The Property Hub Forum.


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