How to transform your life by changing your inputs

Welcome to another episode of The Property Podcast and today Rob & Rob are discussing how to transform your life by changing your inputs. Succeeding in property is so much more than viewing properties and crunching the numbers – it takes a “can do” attitude and a positive mindset.

So this week, The Robs are focusing on techniques, tactics and tweaks that you can use to block out the unhelpful, and focus on what you need to do to succeed.

Listen as The Robs cover:

Social media:
How can you tame it? How can you block out negativity and the dreaded topics you just don’t want to read about?

If you’re looking for the links Rob & Rob discuss on today’s podcast, look no further. You can block the Facebook newsfeed with this handy Chrome extension and use Nuzzel to extract just the links from Twitter.

What should you be reading, and how can you make the best use of your time? Also, how can you save the content you’ve found valuable? Listen as Rob D explains how he uses Readwise to highlight important snippets of information to come back to later – a very handy tool!

Phone usage:
We’re all guilty of excessive phone usage, but it’s what you do with your phone that can make all the difference. Rob B confesses that he’s guilty of wasting time on his phone, but your phone can become a huge asset if used in the right way. He’s changed his home screen to only display the apps that are actually useful to his life, something he highly recommends. Listen as he shares his other tips on limiting life distractions so you can focus on the things that matter.

Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to soak up information – but what about radio? Why does Rob D recommend you block out passive soundwaves? The content you consume can massively affect your mood, so you can either arrive to work fired up and ready to go, or sit at your desk ready for an 8-hour stint with the weight of the world on your shoulders. We know which one we’d choose!

The people around you really shape your life. Listen how Rob B tackles negativity from people and how he goes out of his way to find and spend time with positive ones. Not just in his life, but with the team at Property Hub too. There are no exceptions to the rule – so watch out world!

A video platform that has very quickly taken over the world. It’s changed the way we consume content – you don’t have to stick to a TV guide, you have the whole world, in video form, at your fingertips. You can consume what you want, when you want it.

BUT, you do need to control what you watch, and be careful not to get sucked down the rabbit hole that YouTube’s clever algorithms tend to send you down.

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