What are property funds and why do they attract billions of investment? (Plus: CGT bombshell?)

What are property funds and how do they work?

Investing through property funds allows you to invest in a property without having to fully buy it or go through any of the rigmarole that comes with buying a property.

Sounds like a win win situation right?

We’ve managed to go 400 episodes without talking about property funds.

Until now.

You might be listening to this thinking that you’re never going to have the funds to be able to invest in property, but you’d like to make a better return than leaving it sat in the bank.

Or maybe you’re already a property investor and are getting a bit fed up with how much time and effort it takes and would like something a bit easier.

Well, a property fund might just be the thing you’re after.

Here’s what to expect on this week’s property podcast episode

There’s a lot to get into on today’s episode to give you as much information as possible on property funds.

So, just to give you an overview, here’s what Rob & Rob will be discussing today:

  • What is a property fund?
  • Why invest in a property fund?
  • What types of property can you invest in?
  • Why not to invest in a fund
  • What are the types of property funds?
  • How to pick a fund

This could well be an eye opener into a whole new world of investment opportunities for you.

But like with any type of investment there’s pros and cons to both. So we recommend listening to this episode a couple of times and doing some further research to really get a solid understanding of property funds.


In the news

Over the past number of years landlords have been hit time and time again by changes to taxes, meaning they pay out more and more each year.

After so many changes you’d think it was about time that landlords were given a break and nothing else could rock the boat.

Well, enter Rishi Sunak and his increase to capital gains tax.

Now these are proposals and nothing has changed just yet. However if this does come into play, the government wants capital gains tax to be in line with income tax bands.

There’s still plenty to come out about this and whilst it doesn’t specifically target landlords and property investors, it wouldn’t be a good result for any investor.

So, The Robs will be covering this in depth on the next Market Update when more has unfolded on the topic.


Hub extra

This week’s Hub Extra resource is another podcast for you to listen to.

Now Rob B has only listened to one episode so far but he highly recommends it based on that episode.

The podcast is called Boldt Flavours and it’s from the founder of Gousto, Timo Boldt.

On the podcast he interviews different people every week and in the first episode he interviews Joe Wicks.

You might be surprised that this episode wasn’t based on food, or cooking or exercise, but about how Joe Wicks grew his business.

And you know how much we love a business success story.


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