What property courses should you do (and avoid)?

There are so many property courses out there it can be just as overwhelming as property investing itself. This week, we’re going to let you know what you should be looking for and what to avoid – cue the Jaws theme music.

We’ve not been on many ourselves, but we’ve heard enough stories from members of the Property Hub community to know how to identify the right property investment course. We also know the pitfalls of free property courses, and which flashing red warning lights you should look out for!

One thing we strongly recommend before handing over any money is having a look at the resources available for free, and a great place to start is our property courses. These are all totally free, and you can work through them in your own time.

In this episode we run through a framework for choosing a course about property investment – as well as some steps you can take first to maximise the value you get, and some additional ways to build your knowledge.

In the news, portal On The Market has made some pretty bold claims this week. Are we seeing the rise of a new titan in property search sites or is it all a bit of smoke and mirrors?

And sticking with the education theme of the week, our resource is very handy indeed.  Magic Whiteboard is a more versatile (and from our recent experience way less expensive) alternative to a traditional whiteboard. To say we’ve found this useful would be an understatement!

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