Why Predictions Are Crap

This week we’re exploring why predictions are crap

Nine times out of ten you’ll listen to expert predictions.

But, believe it or not, they’re not always right!

So this week on The Property Podcast we’re going back in time to take a look at what predictions have been made by both Rob & Rob, and other industry experts, and seeing whether they were right or wrong.

Here’s what to expect on this week’s property podcast episode

At the beginning of January Rob & Rob shared their 2021 predictions podcast episode and a few weeks later did their 2021 property hotspot predictions.

But even though The Robs like making predictions and going back to review them, they also dislike them.

That’s because predictions can sometimes be wildly inaccurate and if you take them too seriously, it can lead you in the wrong direction.

So in this episode Rob & Rob are going to go back and take a look at some significant years in property, take a look at what happened in those years and see what various people predicted was going to happen.

As they go through this episode they’ll be picking out patterns that’ll be worth keeping in mind as you review predictions in the future.


In the news

This week’s news story comes from This is Money and the headline reads ‘Pets in lets: Government makes it harder to impose ‘blanket bans’ on tenants having animals’.

From reading the article, it makes it sound as though you now have to accept tenants with pets by default and have to object case by case if you don’t want pets in your property.

But like any good old headline, that’s not the case. There’s simply a new clause that’s been put into the government’s standard AST.


AOB has moved

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Hub extra

We’ve got a new podcast recommendation for you this week. No, don’t worry, Rob & Rob haven’t started another podcast, but this one is from someone who often makes an appearance on The Property Podcast.

You may remember Sarah who’s one of the investors that we try to catch up with at least once a year to find out how her investment journey is going.

Well, she now has her own podcast called ‘Conning The Con’. It’s all about conning a con artist and it’s a super entertaining listen.


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