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Property Hub Live: What you need to know

Last updated: 30th April 2020

**If you’re here looking for an update on Property Hub Live due to the Coronavirus pandemic, visit our events page for the most up-to-date information**

We’ve not given much away about Property Hub Live – but that’s about to change.

We’ve been inundated with messages asking when it is, where it is and how you can get more details.

Sit tight – it’s all on the way soon!

For now, we’re letting you know why we’ve made this move and giving you an insight into what to expect on the day.

Revisiting the past

If you’ve been a part of our Hubber community for a while, you’ll be aware of our Property Hub Meetups which used to happen on the first Thursday of every month in different locations across the country.

As much as we loved hosting the Meetups and seeing regular faces every month, we couldn’t help but feel that they were lacking something.

Some of you wanted more structure, some wanted more education, some of you even wanted them to last longer than the 1.5 hours we dedicated to it.

And as always – you asked, and we listened.

And so, Property Hub Live was born

We’ve ripped up the Meetup rule book and and we’re going big!

We’re taking the things that you love, and we’re combining them with the things you want – it’s win-win!

We’re hosting the biggest Meetup EVER!

And that’ll be after a jam-packed day full of education, hot topic discussions and some great guests joining us to share their experiences of property.

It’s not possible to put on an event of this kind every month, so we’ll be holding two mega Property Hub Live events this year – and they’ll be bigger and better than anything we’ve ever done before!

This is not a ‘get financially free’ event

That’s not our style.

We’re not hooking you in with promises of getting rich quick. Nor are we promising that you’ll be financially free.

But attending will make you a better investor.

You won’t learn how to invest with no money. We won’t be covering deal packaging, lease options or rent-to-rent. We’re focusing on what you’ve come to know and love… good old-fashioned property investment.

Yes, there’s a charge to attend. Simply because an event of this size and quality takes time, money and effort.

And boy are we putting our all into this!

We’ll make a loss, but ticket sales will offset some of the venue and refreshment costs.

We guarantee there won’t be anyone waiting in the wings to upsell you to expensive courses or additional training days. You can simply expect a full, solid day of education topped off with our much-loved Meetups so you can network through into the evening.

We’ve brought you an incredible line-up for the day. Just keep an eye on our events page to see who’s joining us once we reveal who we’ve got!

Who should join us at Property Hub Live?

If you’re completely new to investing in property then this might not be the best event for you – we’d always recommend you start with The Property Podcast and our free online property courses. Just so you can get a grip of the basics.

But if you’re already up-to-speed on the fundamentals of investing in property, Property Hub Live will be right up your street.

We’ll be releasing the agenda on our events page ahead of the ticket release so you can be fully aware of what you’re signing up to and know what to expect before you commit.

Rob & Rob will of course be there, along with several special guests – and there’s a LIVE podcast recording on the day, so you get to take part in all the action.

The response to Property Hub Live has already been phenomenal but judging from those already signed up to the priority list, there won’t be enough spaces to go around.

There’s still time to join the priority list where you’ll get access to tickets a whole 48-hours before they go on sale to the general public. But we’ll be closing it on 24th Feb 2020 so be quick before it disappears!

We hope to see you at Property Hub Live.

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