You are… Income Ian

“Passive income”. “Make money while you sleep”. “Stop trading time for money”.

You hear phrases like these all the time from people who are pushing all kinds of schemes. And there’s a good reason for it: true freedom comes from knowing you could stop working tomorrow, and the money would keep rolling in.

Of course, there’s no such thing as truly “passive” income: a tree will only produce fruit if you plant it in the first place and keep it watered.

But property comes pretty close. Sure – you’ll experience the odd vacancy and sometimes things will go wrong, but there’ll be months on end where you don’t give your investments the slightest thought and the rent turns up in your bank account anyway.

This is investment in its purest form: taking money you’ve earned and converting it into a perpetual income stream. If the value of the property itself goes up over time too, or you can increase its value by making improvements to it, all the better!

The result? Less reliance on your day job, and more income to improve your lifestyle (or invest back into further income-producing assets).

But the days of buying any old property and waiting for the profits to roll in are over.

Property is a fantastic long-term investment, but it’s become a lot harder to make a short-term profit.

Impossible? Absolutely not. But a combination of rising property prices, a punitive tax regime and more legal responsibilities are killing off the “amateur” landlord.

The solution? Distance yourself from the amateurs, and start thinking like a professional.

Do your research. Run the numbers. Consult with professionals. And give yourself an education in property that allows you to confidently put more money in your pocket every month.

We’ll give you that education. It’ll cost you nothing.

We’ve spent the last five years putting together an incredible collection of resources for investors just like you – including online courses, hundreds of podcasts, and an online forum with thousands of posts.

Because we make our money from providing (totally optional) services, we can afford to give this all away for free.

The only catch is… we’ve got so many great resources, it’s hard to know where to start.

Because of your goals, we recommend starting with...

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Property tax for beginners

Tax is a critical topic for property investors to understand, and having the right knowledge could save you thousands of pounds every year. In this course, you'll learn all the basics that will help you work with a tax professional to put the right plan in place.

icon-university Course

Which property strategy is right for you?

Before doing anything in property, it's critical to work out what you want – then understand the options for getting you there. This course walks you through the pros and cons of all the strategies you might want to consider.

icon-university Podcast

How to get a high yield

Capital growth is great, but sometimes you just want to be making cash right now. We've got four options...which will be right for you?

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