How we work

Find out how we do what we do, and why

Our Investment Model

Our investment model is designed to maximise long-term wealth generation. It’s not the trendiest way of investing, and it won’t get you any results worth shouting about within a year or two. But over the years and decades, it will leave you in a radically different financial position from where you are now – and require minimal effort along the way.

We’ll explain the theory behind our model, to help you decide whether it’s the right one for you to pursue.

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Where we’re investing, and why

We’re often asked why we do or don’t invest in particular areas. The answer is driven by our investment model: we target areas with strong fundamentals and room for significant near−term growth, while avoiding locations that have already peaked or are showing no indications of price increases yet.

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Our investment process

We don’t call you up and show you a bunch of deals, because we can’t recommend the right investments until we know what you’re trying to achieve. And in our experience, most investors aren’t clear enough about their goals either.

That’s why our process starts by spending some quality time with you – and we continue to support you all the way through to collecting the keys…

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Example deals

Our aim is to give our clients a hands-off investment experience that will allow them to build fantastic wealth over the long-term, backed up by a solid rental income. We’ve listed a few examples of deals which achieved exactly that.

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Past Deal Performance

We invest for the long term by securing a discount and focusing on high-growth areas. These examples show the returns some of our investments have achieved in no more than three-and-a-half years: a period coinciding exactly with Brexit uncertainty, which saw the UK market grow by an average of just 2% per year..

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