Our Investment Process

How does it work?

Call us, be shown a bunch of deals, and get pressured to buy one?


We can’t recommend the right investments until we know what you’re trying to achieve. And in our experience, most investors aren’t clear enough about their goals either.

That’s why our process starts by spending some quality time with you – and we continue to support you all the way through to collecting the keys…

1: The Strategy Meeting

Our service isn’t right for everyone – so the Strategy Meeting is the perfect way for us to find out more about your goals, and for you to learn more about how we can help.

The Strategy Meeting is a one-to-one meeting with one of our experienced Portfolio Managers – held either over Zoom, or in our London office. You’ll talk about:

  • Your experience in property so far, your goals, and what’s holding you back.
  • The economic concepts underpinning property investment – including inflation, leverage, and the 18 year property cycle.
  • Which strategies are suitable for you.
  • The portfolio you can realistically expect to build, and over what period of time, given your starting point.

Oh – and it’s totally free!

I had a valuable strategy meeting with Property Hub Invest last week. The idea is to review your goals and consider various property strategies. I was impressed with their knowledge and passion. I would recommend any investor (newbie or experienced) to take part!

Chris D

We have just two rules for Strategy Meetings:

  1. They’re a sales-free zone. You’ll learn about how we can help in general terms, but you won’t see any specific investment opportunities and there’s nothing you can buy. Leave your credit card at home!
  2. We invest in providing these sessions for free, so we expect you to be invested too. You’ll be given preparation to do in advance, and some “homework” to take away.
Meet Chris

You could meet: Chris, Portfolio Manager

Chris has been with Property Hub since April 2018, and had been investing personally for 5 years before that.

Starting out by doing a major refurb, he has since built a portfolio of single BTL’s around the Midlands and North West and one HMO conversion locally, so has experience in a range of different strategies.

He has also expanded his portfolio in recent times by investing in one of our own off-plan deals.

Chris loves helping new investors achieve their goals by sharing his experience in the strategy meetings, as well as hosting the Property Hub Meetup in Birmingham.

Would you benefit from a free strategy meeting?

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2: The review call

About a week after the Strategy Meeting, you have a call with your Portfolio Manager to go over your “homework” exercise and cover any questions that have come to you since the meeting.

At this point, if we’re happy that what we offer is suitable for you, you’ll qualify to see investment opportunities.

Why do we make you wait this long to see actual deals? Two reasons.

Firstly, so we can only show you those that we’ve learnt are a good fit for your goals.

Most importantly though, our discretion is a big factor in how we manage to get such brilliant deals from national developers: if we blasted them out to everyone who showed the slightest interest (like some other companies do), we’d quickly lose their trust.

3: Choose your investment

Your Portfolio Manager will send you selected investment opportunities that will move you towards your goal.

You’ll be given our comprehensive Investment Report, along with cashflows, a gallery, and everything else you need to assess the opportunity. This should be the start of your research, not the end: we give you all the time and tools you need to validate our conclusions, and check the investment is suitable for you.

Our investments all have one thing in common: they’re always over-subscribed!

To keep things fair, we give you 5 days to review the launch materials then open up reservations at exactly the same time for everyone. That way, despite competition for deals being intense, you’re never asked to make a decision on the spot.

It’s only when you successfully reserve a plot that you pay us a fee for the first time. If you never spot anything you like, you’ve paid us nothing and got lots of one-to-one guidance for free!

4: Get the deal done

As you’ll know if you’ve ever bought a property before, it’s never quick and it’s rarely straightforward!

Luckily, our Care Team is here to help you at every step. They’ll coordinate with your solicitor and your mortgage broker on your behalf, so it takes you a fraction of the time it otherwise would: it’s like having your own PA helping you through the process.

You’ll still need to be responsive to answer questions and sign documents where needed, but we make a complicated process as easy and as stress-free as it can possibly be.

Exceptional Service from the Care Team at Property Hub Invest (especially Zoe). Excellent company to use to purchase properties. They provide complete assistance from the start to letting out your property. Will definitely use Property Hub Invest for further acquisitions

Karmjit Banga

You might speak to: Zoe, Customer Care Manager.

Zoe has been with Property Hub for nearly 4 years. She previously worked in HR and Purchasing before discovering her love for property.

Working her way from a member of the Care Team to now being the Customer Care Manager, Zoe loves being able to focus on helping people achieve their property goals.

The best part of her role? Helping clients deal with challenges which might come their way and knowing that getting the property purchase over the line will make a huge difference to someone’s life.

She’s itching to make her first investment and join the hundreds of Property Hub Invest clients she helps every year.

5: Get the keys, collect the rent, and go again!

It’s done – you’ve just made the latest addition to your portfolio!

At this point, most investors ask us to hand the keys straight to our partner letting agent so they can get to work finding you the right tenant.

Before you know it, the rent will be landing in your bank account – and you’ve barely lifted a finger during the whole process.

But you won’t want to stop there! You’ll be on the lookout for your next investment – and your Portfolio Manager will check in with you regularly to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

Sound good?

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