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A service created purely for property investors

Accountancy, rebuilt from the ground up

It’s not easy to find an accountant who’s a true property specialist – and virtually impossible to find one who takes the time to understand your goals and develop the right long-term strategy.

We believe you need to understand the advice you’re being given – and that tax planning should be a conversation, not a once-a-year event.

That’s why, after many years of taking what we liked and didn’t like from accountancy services we’d used, we developed a model that’s specifically for property investors. One that means you can spend less time buried in paperwork, and more time thinking about what matters. And we only work with trusted providers that have passed our vetting process to deliver this service.

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Initial consultations start at £360 inc VAT however, you’ll receive an individual quote based on the detail of your circumstances.

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A tax consultation that’s unique to you


Your tax best friend. We’re all about saving time; the data entry and record-keeping shouldn’t consume your day – you got into property to be an investor, not a bookkeeper, so the boring bits are the first things to be taken off your hands.


Tech-focussed. Technology is a gamechanger when managing your portfolio – you want to be able to do things on the hop or get a snapshot of your finances from anywhere in the world. That’s why our providers are all tech-focused and offer solutions to make your life easier.


Education isn’t optional. Just because you’re outsourcing your tax affairs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t understand why certain recommendations are made. Our model was developed to make sure you understand everything you need to know as a property investor.

After spending around £4k on professional advice from other property tax 'specialists' who didn't tell us anything more than we already knew, we spoke to the tax guys at Property Hub.

For a very reasonable price they analysed our individual circumstance, considered our options and presented us with a variety of choices all presented concisely in excel with the pros and cons explained. The end result was that we've saved £25k in stamp duty so we're over the moon!

Thanks Property Hub Tax


What you get

No extras, no surprises: everything we think you’ll need will be included in your individual proposal.

Build your tax knowledge

We want you to understand the ‘what-ifs’. Considering a new purchase? Wondering about selling? Friend mentioned something that’s got you thinking? You’ll walk away from your consultation confident that you’re set up in the most efficient way to suit your circumstances.

Regular updates. You’ll get updates on any changes that affect you, to help keep you in-the-know.

Hand over the boring bits

Pain-free expenses claims. Throw away your shoebox of receipts! You’ll be given access to a free app so you just need to take a photo of each receipt, or forward any you receive by email – job done!

No more worrying about the taxman

All HMRC communications, done. We only work with authorised tax agents, so HMRC will write to them instead of you – and they’ll be able to deal with most things on your behalf.

Financial statements, sorted. The preparation of annual financial statements for your property business will be done on your behalf – after claiming every possible allowance to reduce your tax bill, of course!

All your filings taken care of. Despite best efforts, there will probably be some tax to pay! Our tax providers will make all necessary filings based on your structure – including self-assessment, company or partnership tax returns, and your confirmation statement.

Next-level analysis

Want to know how an upcoming change can affect you? You’re covered!

“What-if” scenario modelling. What if you re-mortgage at a lower rate? What if you increase rents across the board by 5%? How will your returns look next year if you refurb one of your properties? What impact will last month’s unexpected repairs have on next year’s returns? All this data can help you project the short- and long-term effects of anything you can think of…

Geographical and physical benchmarking. How well are your properties in the North doing compared to your properties in the South? Or your flats compared to your houses? Or your new builds compared to your period homes? Your portfolio analysis can be broken down and compared in any way you choose.


Initial consultations start at £360 inc VAT however, you will be quoted specifically based on the detail of your circumstances.

How to get started

  1. You book a 45-minute consultation with one of the specialist property tax experts from our panel of trusted providers.

    Before the call, you’ll fill in a questionnaire to help them prepare – including telling them your goals, your personal circumstances, and about your current portfolio (if you have one).

  2. Contact the team for a tailored price for your consultation.
    On the call, your accountant will share their screen while they walk you through your options
    – so you understand the exact pounds-and-pence impact different decisions will make to your tax bill.

    You’ll also have a chance to get all your questions answered, and go away feeling confident about the next steps you should be taking.

  3. You’ll receive a custom report summarising everything you talked about, along with your personal quote for tax and accountancy services.

  4. You sign-up and can relax about tax! But there’s no commitment: if you want to take the plan and get it implemented by another accountant, you can do.

Our consultation was very comprehensive and clear; it was a very helpful consult.

Edward Matthews

Join the waiting list

We're currently at capacity, but we're scaling up fast! Give us your details, and we’ll give you a call when the next consultation slot opens up.

Note: Property Hub Tax is a trading style of The Property Hub Forum Ltd. Tax advice and accountancy is delivered by Calculated Ltd.

By submitting your details, you are agreeing to your information being passed over to Calculated Ltd who will contact you to go through your consultation. Tax advice and accountancy services are not provided by The Property Hub Forum Ltd.


  • I live abroad but have UK investments. Can you do my accounts?

    Yes, we can indeed.

  • I have multiple business interests. Will you just do the property elements or can you do my company accounts too?

    We will definitely cover your property business(es) as well as personal accounts and tax. Whether we are the best option for you will depend on the size and complexity of your business affairs.

  • I currently have an accountant. Can I just transfer over to you without paying for a consultation?

    The initial consultation is the best way for us both to understand each other and devise a strategy for you as a property investor. Because of this, we ask everyone to have the consultation first.

  • How much does it cost for your ongoing accountancy service?

    It depends on your circumstances and needs, and we’ll run through this in the initial consultation.

  • Are there any evening consultation slots available?

    Potentially – please get in touch if you’re unavailable for any daytime slots.

  • Can I change the time of my consultation once it's been booked?

    In exceptional circumstances we’ll consider requests to change appointment times: please contact us at If an appointment is missed, or postponed more than once, we’ll charge an administrative fee – and in some circumstances we reserve the right to forfeit the whole consultation charge.

  • I invest jointly with my wife/husband/partner. Should we do the consultation together?

    Yes – and please fill out the pre-questionnaire to take account of both of you.

  • All my properties are invested jointly with a business partner. Should we do the consultation together?

    No: many other factors will be different for each of you, so we recommend that you do the consultation individually. In your pre-questionnaire, please let us know that your investments are jointly owned.

  • I haven’t invested in any properties yet. Is this service for me?

    Yes: it’s much cheaper to get the structure and strategy right from the start, rather than try to change it later.

  • Why is it important to have a specialist property accountant?

    Generalist accountants will mostly deal with business accounts and have property as a side product to their core business. This wasn’t a problem a few years ago, but tax on property investors is now much more complex than it was – and as a result it’s so much more important to work with a specialist who’s on top of everything property-related.

  • Can you give an indication of your fee structure for ongoing accountancy services?

    We can talk you through this during your call – we offer different rates for individual property investors and limited company investors (which includes the service for the properties held individually as well).

    Our fees include unlimited accountancy support through telephone and email, accounts and tax filing for company/individual (as appropriate), an annual tax-saving review, dealing with HMRC on your behalf, and added bonuses from Rob & Rob (such as webinars and updates).

    If you have a more complex scenario, we’ll provide you with an individual quote after your consultation.

  • All the consultation slots are full. When will I be able to book one for later in the year?

    We only have limited slots, and they do go quickly! We’ll release the next slots about a month prior to the beginning of the quarter – and those on the waiting list will be the first to find out when those slots are available.

  • What will be covered in my tax consultation?

    Here’s the agenda for your tax consultation. If you wish to discuss additional items, we’ll be able to provide a quotation for discussion at a separate time.

    1. Impact of the restrictions on residential property finance costs on your property portfolio
    2. Calculating the increase in income tax from your property portfolio
    3. Practical ways to mitigate the restrictions on residential property finance costs
    4. Spouse transfer (if applicable) and associated tax savings
    5. Furnished holiday lettings (if applicable) and associated tax savings
    6. Limited company (if applicable) and associated tax savings
    7. Partnership incorporation (if applicable) and associated tax savings
    8. Capital gains tax and stamp duty on property sale or transfer
    9. Next steps
  • Will you always advise me to restructure my property investments?

    Sometimes the best advice we can give is the reassurance that you’re already structured in the most beneficial way. If your circumstances change, we’ll always go through all possible restructuring scenarios with you.

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Property Hub Tax is a trading style of The Property Hub Forum Ltd. Tax advice and accountancy is delivered by Calculated Ltd. By submitting your details, you are agreeing to your information being passed over to Calculated Ltd who will contact you to go through your consultation. Tax advice and accountancy services are not provided by The Property Hub Forum Ltd.