Strategy Resources

Choosing the right strategy is key to achieving your goals

We’ve got everything you need right here to get started:


Our podcast episodes dive into each different strategy to give you a full overview of how each one could help you achieve your property investment goals:

And of course, we also have an episode on exit strategies. It might sound strange to consider your exit before you’ve even got started, but trust us… it’s worth a listen.

Online Resources

And if you prefer to learn by reading, we’ve condensed our podcast episodes into helpful online resources.

New to the Property Podcast?

If you’re not yet at the strategy stage and haven’t been learning about the fundamentals of investing in property, we recommend you start with the podcast resources here. We’ve recorded hundreds of episodes now, so instead of starting right at the beginning (which can sound pretty daunting), we’ve listed our most popular, need-to-listen to podcasts for you to start listening to right away.