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How a weekly podcast turned into a powerful community... all thanks to the power of honest advice and sensible ideas

Sad but true: most people spend more time researching their next holiday than planning their financial future

Why? Because it’s normally made out to be intimidating, boring, and best left to experts.

It isn’t.

Property investment can be the key to a worry-free retirement, more time with your family, or an exciting new career. And to succeed, you just need three things: a meaningful goal, a realistic plan, and the confidence to take action.

Seven years ago, we decided to demystify property investment

Other property educators were charging an arm and a leg for making property seem more complicated than it really is. We wanted to do the opposite: provide free information, without overcomplicating matters for the sake of it.

So we started The Property Podcast to help people understand what property can do for them.

Today, our podcast episodes are downloaded over 304,000 times a month, and we’ve gone on to share our knowledge through four bestselling books and a whole curriculum of free property courses.

We don’t know it all, of course

So we’ve developed an online community with over 63,000 members and a national network of events, so investors can learn from each other too.

Along the way, we’ve built a range of services that our community has needed…

In addition to our portfolio-building service called Property Hub Invest, we have a nationwide lettings and management and specialist tax service. We’re also now building properties specifically for investors.

With support from a team of 50+, we’re helping thousands of people to change their lives through property investment.

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Rob Dix is the author of four bestselling books, and an unashamed property geek. His compulsive need to understand everything about property and finance makes him the perfect person to avoid at dinner parties, but turn to for sensible, well-researched advice when you need it.

Rob’s own property portfolio has given him the flexibility to travel the world with his family, and the freedom to do what he loves: learn, simplify, then pass that knowledge on.

As Marketing Director of Property Hub, Rob is responsible for producing outstanding educational resources, then spreading them to inform and inspire as many investors as possible.

Almost everything about property in the press is wrong. Instead of believing what you’re told, educate yourself on concepts like the 18-year property cycle: you’ll make dramatically better investment decisions as a result.

Rob Bence has worked with property investors for over a decade – first at a national housebuilder and then a major investment company, before leaving to set up his own investment consultancy and make it the biggest in the UK.

You’ll be able to cross “fundamentals” and “goals” off your Rob Bence bingo card within minutes of meeting him, but it’s for a good reason: Rob has experienced the life-changing impact of setting big goals and the long-term wealth-building power of property, and he’s zealous about spreading the word.

As the CEO of Property Hub, Rob leads our fast-growing team and channels his tireless drive into pushing us to achieve more on behalf of our community.

The biggest mistake people make in property is piling in without setting goals or working on the right strategy. If you take the time to do those things, every other challenge can be overcome.

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