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In-depth online courses that should cost thousands… completely free!

Successful property investment starts with education

And there’s a lot to learn – but you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune (or drag yourself to a dreary conference room) to gain that knowledge.

Property Hub University allows you to have a first-class understanding of all major property investment topics – and you won’t have to pay a penny in student debt when you graduate.

How to invest in property when you have no time

No time? No problem! Learn how to outsource every element of building and managing your property portfolio - without losing control of the process.

Inflation - the secret to wealth

What if we told you that inflation is actually property investors’ secret to long-term wealth?

Once you understand how inflation can make your money work harder, you’ll never look at it the same way again.

How to become a hands-off investor

In this course we’re taking a look at how you can become a hands-off investor.

The complete guide to getting your property let

Here's the complete guide that you need in order to get your property let and allow you to self-manage your portfolio.

How to flip a property

In this course we take you through the whole process of flipping a property from where to find properties to flip to an in-depth sales process.

How to get a deal when buying property

In this course we're giving you the tools it takes to define and find a good deal when buying property and 7 ways to find property deals that you can start using now.

Understand the ripple effect and why it happens

In this course we’re taking a look at the ripple effect, a concept that we often talk about. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how and why it works, and why it’s so important.

Which property strategy is right for you?

Before doing anything in property, it's critical to work out what you want – then understand the options for getting you there. This course walks you through the pros and cons of all the strategies you might want to consider.

The 18 year property cycle explained

Understanding the property cycle is the key to buying and selling at the right time - and is as close as you'll get to being able to see the future!

Understanding the investors magic formula

In this course we’re taking a look at what the investors magic formula is and how you can use it to your advantage.

Setting your property goals

In this course, we're talking you through how to set up your property goals and why they're so important for property investment.

How to diversify your portfolio

In this course we run you through why diversifying your portfolio is so important, how you can do it, even if you can’t actually afford to!

How to recycle your deposit

In this course we’re taking a look at how you can recycle your deposit and expand your portfolio.

How property will make you rich in the long term

You can make a bit of money from property in a year or two, but it's over the long term that it can generate serious wealth. In this course you'll learn the economic principles that explain why, and how you can best take advantage of them.

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