As promised, here's your extras!

Thank you for reading the Complete Guide! Throughout the book I promise some extra videos, to cover points that are more easily explained visually than in text. So, here they are…

Goal-Setting Course

This course was put together under the banner of The Property Hub (which I co-founded), so you can watch it by heading over there. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s completely free to sign up and will only take a sec.

Click here to watch the course

Research Process Videos

NOTE: The spreadsheets you’ll see in these videos don’t form part of the Extras and aren’t downloadable anywhere. They’re just my personal spreadsheets that I’ve put together to assess opportunities.

#1: Researching an investment area

#2: How much should you pay for a flip? (Plus: Establishing market value)

#3: Stacking a Buy-to-Let deal

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