Property Hub Invest & Property Hub Lets Discovery Webinar

If you listen to The Property Podcast, you’ll have heard a lot about property – but not much about the property businesses we run. We tend to keep quiet in case it comes across as too salesy, but perhaps too quiet: we regularly meet people who ask us if we do anything outside the podcast!

The answer is yes, we do – we run a collection of businesses that make it easier for you to build your portfolio, manage it, and keep more of your income away from the taxman. 

So to make sure you know about how we can help you, while keeping the podcast sales-free, we host a monthly Discovery Webinar.

Join us for 30 minutes while we explain what we do, how you can benefit, and what you need to do to get involved – and answer your questions live.

Spaces are limited, so don’t hang around – hit the button below to book your virtual seat at our next session!

See you there,

Rob & Rob

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