Full day of property education
Live podcast recording
Our biggest Hubber meetup EVER!

***UPDATE: Due to Coronavirus, we’ve had to postpone our 2020 event. We’ll be back as soon as it’s safe to do so – and it’ll be bigger and better than ever before!**

Welcome to Property Hub Live – our flagship event that’s jam-packed full of educational content to help you on your property journey.

There’s no sales pitches and no get-rich-quick schemes – just pure, solid property investment education.

If you’ve been used to attending our Meetups, you can read more about why we’ve made this move here, but if you’re new to Property Hub, you get to experience everything you see here LIVE and in-person!

We’ve combined the elements most of you have come to know and love from our Meetups and taken it to a whole other level!

This event won't make you financially free...

But it WILL make you a better property investor

Property Hub Live

Our first Property Hub Live event promises to be jam-packed full of valuable information followed by a LIVE podcast recording and our biggest Meetup ever! Here's an overview of the agenda...

The success code - the 5 habits that could change your life

This session under wraps for now - we'll reveal all soon!

The magic of mortgages - how to supercharge your portfolio

Finance and creativity - a match made in heaven?

Regeneration: why it's important and why it should excite you

Interactive case study panel session

A LIVE recording of The Property Podcast

What to expect:

  1. Full day of property education

  2. Live podcast recording

  3. Refreshments and lunch throughout the day

  4. Our biggest Hubber Meetup EVER!

The venue for the day

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

782 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0BX

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this a Meetup or a training day?

    Both! We’re combining a packed educational day of learning with an evening Meetup so you can network with like-minded people.

  • What will I learn?

    We’ll release the full details of each session before you book – but expect to hear from experts in mortgages, legals, developments and much more.

    You won’t learn how to magically invest with no money! We won’t be covering rent-to-rent, lease options or deal packaging…just good old-fashioned property investment.

  • I’m new to property investing, is this event for me?

    Full disclosure – no. You don’t need to have bought your first property yet, but you should have done some learning already because this isn’t about the basics. If you’re totally new to investing, we’d recommend you start with our free online property courses and The Property Podcast.

  • Is there a charge to attend?

    Yes. To put on an event of this size and quality takes time, money and effort. We’ll make a loss, but ticket sales will offset some of the venue and refreshment costs.

  • Will Rob & Rob be at the event?

    Of course! We anticipate a very busy day and while they probably won’t get to meet everyone individually, they’ll be sharing their property knowledge with you in-person – as well as recording an episode of The Property Podcast live on stage!

  • What if I book a ticket but then can't attend?

    We’ve released the agenda, dates and venue details before opening ticket slots so you can be 100% sure you can attend before booking your ticket. We won’t be issuing refunds for people who can’t join us so please make sure you can make it before you commit.

  • Is there parking at the venue?

    There is. But it’s on a first come, first served basis. We’ll email all attendees a few weeks before the event so you can secure your parking space (security is high at the venue so we’ll need your car and registration details – you also might be asked for ID on the day). Please do not contact the venue about parking directly, they cannot action any parking requests for Property Hub Live.

  • What time does the day start and end?

    The sessions start at 10am prompt, so we recommend you start to arrive, familiarise yourself with the venue and have some refreshments from 9am. We anticipate the sessions to finish around 17:30 followed by the Meetup until around 19:30.

  • What's happening to Property Hub Live now we have the Coronavirus?

    We’ve emailed all ticket holders to inform them that we’ve unfortunately needed to postpone Property Hub Live and tickets have been refunded. We’re working with the venue to agree a new date as this will be reliant on government safety advice and the football fixtures. Rest assured, we’ll be in touch once we have a new date confirmed and you can book your ticket.