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    Make me a pitch and I will respond with an offer. There is always something we can do for each other!
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  1. The Tenant Reform White paper is still just that, a white paper and there is no law yet. If the PROPOSALs are in acted then: * You will still be able to evict if you are going to sell * You will be able to give notice using standard Section 8 forms * the tenant has no more rights to buy then any other applicant. Please be careful what you read in the press. Proposals may never reach statute and none of the changes around tenancy are certain at this stage. Hope this reassures?
  2. I believe there is the Baker Street property meetups as well as a collection of PIN events. Try Eventbrite?
  3. That was a very long time ago! There are a number of spin off free and paid for networking events. What investment areas are you interested in? (I run the Nottingham Property Circle and we run monthly events which can be viewed on Eventbrite)
  4. This is really getting serious now and we need to work together to find ways to help each other through this crisis. People need to get educated and we as investors and landlords can help support that education process. I am hosting an emergency webinar on Sunday night so that we can pool ideas and come together as a community to support our tenants and our businesses. Please support and bring your positive ideas for proactive change. We cannot stand idly by and expect someone else to help us. We are all part of the solution now. I hope it is OK to post here? Here are details of my FREE event: FLASH EVENT This Sunday evening EPC assessor in attendance! We are in the middle of the biggest cost of living crisis any of us have seen in living memory. Our tenants are our customers and they are under attack. Whether you run HMOs, SAs, R2R, refurbs, students, professionals or simply have a single family B2L rental join us to share and plan. How can we help? What changes are in our control How can we help prevent tenants falling into arrears? This will be a positive session designed to help us all help others. Bring your ideas and creative energy as we move into these uncertain times. We need to change, we need to act and we will grow and be stronger as we do so. Free tickets from: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/npc-emergency-energy-crisis-choices-and-helping-each-other-tickets-408644756467
  5. Looking to take over the management of a 5 bed HMO in Nottingham. Each room is ensuite and the property is large with a very large energy consumption (electricity and gas). Unfortunately at present I have not been able to get readings for a reasonable time period to be able to work out the consumption in kWh over the last 12 months. Anyone have any fair usage clauses that are safe to add to an AST. Speaking with NRLA they are working on some standard wording for a fair usage clause but did not want to be drawn any further at this stage (does not help me now I am afraid). I would welcome if anyone can share what they have been doing with their professional tenants in order to ensure that there is some element of responsibility in their use of resources particularly Electricity and Gas. IMHO we cannot go on with a situation where tenants are allowed to ignore their part in the consumption of their home and their role in reducing their consumption both to reduce their costs (even if wrapped in an all inclusive rent) and help reduce the Carbon impact of their home on the environment. I look forward to receiving the benefit of your experience and sharing our knowledge and approaches on this great forum. TIA
  6. Completely agree with Julie on this but just to add a few bits: - My tenants don't seem to mind giving a reading every quarter. I just ask for it by SMS and they generally respond within 48hrs. They are benefiting from lower elec bills after all. - If you miss a reading they will just carry it forward to the next quarter so for the small amounts of money involved you could just decide to only read and submit every 6 months and ignore the other 2 requests per year. - The income from FIT is tax free so another benefit to you and no further admin required! Not sure if you have already arranged the transfer of the FIT plan into your name but I believe that the seller needs to notify the FIT provider that you are the new holder from Completion. They will then be in touch for you to setup an account. The FIT service does vary from one provider to another and you are allowed to move it to a different provider if you want. I use E.ON since they have an online portal and pay promptly by BACS with good paper statements and respond by email/phone when needed. I believe at one point some suppliers used to pay by cheque up to 4 weeks later! Be aware that a FIT provider may also want to inspect the solar meter and do their own readings every 2 years or so but this can be a bit hit and miss. Hope this helps.
  7. Some lenders allow you to hold a mortgage offer for 6 months and you can redeem it fairly quickly upon request in case that helps? Just thinking you could get a mortgage offer for an unencumbered on the shelf and only use it when needed. Nice problem to have of course!
  8. I would want to understand why they want to pay 12 months rent in advance. It can be a way to remove the chance of further contact. Perhaps their income is intermittent or unreliable.? Perhaps they have a lump sum now but unreliable income so I would then be concerned what happens after the first year. You need to be confident that their income will support the rent going forward and not just in the first 12 months. Once I was sure it was affordable based on their repeat income, I would personally refuse it and encourage them to demonstrate what good tenants they are by setting by a monthly standing order that always works. Just my 2 cents but I am seeing a lot of tenants with a pot of money offering this but actually their income is not sufficient to make the house affordable in the long term.
  9. Hi Leanne I source family B2Ls in North Nottingham on behalf of remote investors. Lots more details on my website BespokeNPS.co.uk Please get in touch if you think I can help further. I also run a free monthly networking event that can be seen on Eventbrite (details below). Jonathan Challis E: Challis8@gmail.com M: 07847 303273 W: BespokeNPS.co.uk Eventbrite: Nottingham Property Circle Share - Learn - Build
  10. And we have a free Nottingham networking group that includes investor in Grantham! Search Eventbrite for "Nottingham Property Circle" for details. We meet monthly (online). Jonathan Challis E: Challis8@gmail.com M: 07847 303273 W: BespokeNPS.co.uk Eventbrite: Nottingham Property Circle Share - Learn - Build
  11. Depends a lot on what they are doing but in my experience they are about double the equivalent rates in Nottingham!
  12. So Cass do you want to give us an update on your plans in case those of us already investing in Nottingham can help further?
  13. Feel free to come back to me if you want to invest in Nottingham or want support developing your strategy. I live, work and invest in Nottingham and support remote investors in doing the same. Regards Jonathan
  14. Hi James Glad to hear that you are interested in Nottingham for your first investment. I live, work and invest in Nottingham and support remote investors who want to get started here. We also have a free online monthly networking event available from eventbrite if that would be of interest. If I can help further please get in touch. Regards Jonathan
  15. Sorry to hear that the relationship has got this bad and put you under so much pressure. Sounds like you are finding the right balance to be safe and keep your property secure. I hope he leaves you alone.
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