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  1. That's a good suggestion about no water charges if the property is empty. :-)
  2. Unfortunately the tenant was organised enough to take meter reading and inform the local authorities the day the moved out. In hind site I could have made clear to the tenant they would be responsible for all bills to the end of the notice period (the AST does state the tenant is responsible to pay the Council Tax to the end of the term). However, knowing the (ex) paranoid tenant as I do, they would probably have insisted they kept the keys so they could make sure all services are switched off and no unnecessary energy is used. This would have meant further uncertainty for me if they were
  3. Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice on who is responsible for the utility bills as follows; 1st July rental payment received from tenant. 21st July tenant gave notice to leave (Original 6 month AST rolled over to a periodic tenancy with payments made on the 1st of the month). 21st July After reminding the tenant a one month notice is required, they agreed to pay it using their deposit. 30th July tenant move out and handed over the keys. 31st Aug End of full one month notice period (?) Is the tenant responsible for the utility and council tax bills up to the date they moved ou
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