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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, thanks MTG
  2. Good day Hubbers, Can anyone recommend a good mortgage adviser or broker for a BTL in Bolton? Looking to convert a residential mortgage to an interest-only BTL soon, on behalf of my in-laws ages 57 & 67 Is it better to use a local mortgage adviser or will I be fine dealing over the phone / email etc. Any advice or recommendations would be kindly received. Thanks Josh
  3. Thanks for the replies gents. Damien - I was incorrectly comparing property 'yield' to share price 'capital growth'...I should have been comparing property 'yield' with share 'yield'! In which case if I buy below market value a 10% yield would beat even the best stocks & shares income. (A decent high yield income share such as Unilever is 3% per year) Damien / Noel - With regards to capital growth you rightly point out that the uniqueness of property is that 'Magic' leverage. In layman terms for me - I can only buy £100's worth of shares with a £100 investment, whereas I can buy £
  4. Hi All, This my first post on the forum. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on target net yields for rental properties. Is there a range or scale I should be aiming for? I am wondering if a yield of say 10% is achievable on a mortgaged property, which would be comparible to a stock market index linked fund or similar investment. Thanks Josh
  5. Good afternoon Hubbers, My name is Josh, a 30 something newbie property investor from Bolton, who has been listening to the property hub podcasts now for about 2 months. I am really enjoying & getting what Rob & Rob are doing and I've read a few of their recommended books (Rich Dad Poor Dad, How to win friends..., Think rich grow rich). The content and knowledge that they are sharing is great, and I've now took the plunge to join the property forum (...after 60 days of the 2Rob's subliminal messages!). For a bit of background, I am currently a landlord (not an investor!) for my own
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