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  1. Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading my first post to the forum. I am newbie investor and currently trying to source my first property deal. Mortgage Fees - to add or not to add to the loan? If there was a fee of £999 would you pay it upfront or add it to the loan? Buying from a deal sourcer The fee - I have been sent a deal from a sourcing company. They require the sourcing fee (of £8740 with £1000 refunded on completion) to be paid upfront and it is non-refundable if the deal falls through from the vendor's end. It is only transferable to another deal from the same sourcing company. Has an
  2. Hi Stuart, If you buy a property with cash, will a lender provide a mortgage on that property less than 6 months after purchase and based on a RICS valuation? For example, if I bought a 3 bed semi detached house for £200,000 that needed renovating and we converted it into a 4 bed and once the refurb was complete a valuer confirmed it was worth £250,000, would any lenders provide a mortgage against the property at that stage? Or would you still have to wait the 6 months and still be exposed to the risk of the lender using the purchase price? thanks in advance!! Sarah
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