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  1. Hi there, Just listened to it and it's very useful episode: not only it's real cases, it can also provide more insight if one of the deal is in your target area, but also shows how Robs are analyzing deals which means a triple win! Definitely worth listening to more similar episodes as the content of this one as broader scope but real examples is a perfect kick start for the next deals!
  2. Dear all, I'm quite new to investing in distress properties but looking at making it my primary strategy to either flip or rent Now hesitating between using sourcing agent (time saving) and making low offers on old deals still advertised (aka 12months+) Have you guys made an offer below sourcing agent deals? or are we forced to stick to the proposed price negotiated by the sourcing agent? I'm looking at areas between Manchester and Liverpool (should that make any difference?) Thanks a lot in advance for your valuable feedback! Damien
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