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    Currently have a 1 bed BTL investment in Manchester purchased in 2013. Own my residential property in London along with my brother. Seeking another investment hopefully this year, or early 2015 as I would like to see how the interest rates play out before investing further.
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    Strategic Consulting, building lasting relationships, effective communication, developing strategic goal systems and enabling others to grow.
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    Financially free by 40 to enable me to focus on enabling others to grow!
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    Earn. Learn. Return..... and one day publish a Book!

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  1. Hi guys, Been on RateMyPeople trying to find a window/glazing expert to help out with an issue I am facing with leaking curtain panes in a London property I own. I have had little success finding someone credible. Please advise! Thank you
  2. Hi Rob, The yield on single lettings would not be great, but suffice enough to cover borrowing with a small margin. However I am keen to put in the time and effort to let it as a HMO. I know the local market well and have already spoken to two potential tenants and have popular avenues for marketing rooms to LHA/ low pay workers. I envision upfront it will be capital and time intensive getting the property HMO ready and attracting the initial tenants. I think the real hurdle will be regarding obtaining lending. I am going to reach out and speak to a few brokers and HMO landlords
  3. Really enjoyed the article Andrew, it's a daunting but amazing turnaround. I'll be sure to reach out when I embark on my first refurb project. Andy
  4. Hi all, Really enjoy reading all the topics in this forum. I currently have one BTL investment in Manchester and live in London and face the following dilemma. Situation: With my mother and brother moving out in the coming months I face the problem of having spare capacity in our residential property. Consequence: With only my younger brother and myself left in the house, it is highly likely we will move out and either rent somewhere new or buy a place to live in. What does this mean? Option 1: I could convert the 4 bed house (5 if I convert the living room to a bedroom),
  5. Informative podcast this week as usual. From speaking to other investors I realised that many people have a mixed bag of investments, such as both BTL's and HMO's. However I would like to know in terms of HMO's, do investors prefer investing close to home or across the UK as long as the numbers are right?
  6. Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome. Onwards and upwards!
  7. Hiya guys, Been looking forward to this for a while, happy to see that it is simple and easy to use. Already indulged in the blog content (funny enough I have read 3 of the 5 books already!!). Currently have a 1 bed BTL in Manchester and own my own property in London along with my brother. Ambition is to grow my portfolio along with other diversified investments (small cap stocks and start ups), to supply me with the financial freedom to do the work I love in the next 15 yrs!! Looking forward to meeting more experienced investors and learning from their mistakes as well as being in
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