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  1. Hi, I'm currently trying to find a reputable property sourcing company that source; BMV residental properites that are profitable buy to sell refurbishment investments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi Harry, i have attached a spreadsheet that you might find useful when going to look at properties to help you keep track the work that is required as you go through. Hope it helps and good luck on your first investment. Dave Property Checklist.xlsx
  3. Hi all, Myself and 3 others would like to start buying to sell properties in the UK as a partnership and are trying to find the best way to set up the business. We are all putting in unequal amounts into the property and would be hoping to split the profits in accordance to the individuals investment percentage (Not sure if this would alter the best option) if anyone could help and give us their opinion on the best way forward. It would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Dave
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