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  1. In the process or reasearching and planning my first project. So far I have found a plot of land that has planning permission for 2 3 bedroom semi-detached houses. I'd like to build these properties sell one and rent the other. I'm doing this with my dad who lives overseas and will only be involved in a financial form. He will fund the protect I will run the project. This is my first project and is my dad giving me the opportunity to prove to him I can follow in his foot steps in property development. He is too busy in Kuwait with his own projects to mentor me. So anyone with a lo
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum although I've been listening to the podcast for years now I've finally found a reason to be on here. But first a little introduction. 26, Scottish and interested in property. The truth is I've not really zero'd in on a solid goal. My interests in property range from by to let investments, flips, house building and even serviced apartments. My initial goal is by let property but I've not really thought any further than that. My father has just opened a hotel in the Middle East and a pipe dream would be to follow in his foot steps. But for now I'm going t
  3. So to tell everyone a little about myself and my goals.... I'm 25 and a contractor in the oil & gas industry i work on average 25 weeks of the year. Therefore I'm looking to spend the time I'm not working on developing a property portfolio and creating cashflow through buy to let properties. I have not yet invested in property yet but I'm looking to get great insight, hints and tips through this forum and also from listening to the property podcast. Hopefully when the time comes to make my 1st investment I'll be in a good position to make it successful. I have a few questions regarding
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