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  1. Hi Doug, Sounds like you made a solid investment with your flat in Edinburgh and it is working well for you - congratulations Hopefully your future investments will go just as well! Keep us updated over on the progress journals - it will be great to hear how you get on replacing your 9 to 5 income with property income. See you round the forum, Niki
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply, it's good to know that there is at least one other investor nearby I am planning on going to the Leeds meetup at some point but it is also very difficult for me around work, hopefully I will be able to work something out! In terms of refurbs, we live in Saltaire village and that is what we have done to add value to our house. There are still a lot of houses here that don't have any central heating or have strange floorplans that would be a great option for a refurb if you could get it for the right price as they both sell and rent extremely easily - th
  3. Hi, Congratulations on saving enough to buy in cash - very impressive! It is certainly good to have this option, however I think you have made the assumption about not being able to get a mortgage quite quickly there, have you spoken to a broker who specialises in buy to let? I think this could be a good first step for you as more and more investors are using ltd companies to buy through and mortgage products are there to meet this demand. You will probably find that they ask for a personal assurance from you this first time, but as you already own your own home and presumably have good ea
  4. Hello fellow sponge I am in a very similar position to you in that I am educating myself on property investment in anticipation of releasing equity from my own home when we remortgage next summer. I have found that it is nice to have plenty of time to learn and not feel pressure to rush this process, but at the same time I know I will be ready to make a start well before the remortgage date and will have to hold myself back for a while - not sure if you feel the same about this? I have been listening to the podcast too and also use Audible to download property/business books and list
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm Nikola (you can call me Niki) and I'm very new to the world of property investing, but very driven to get stuck in and start investing in BTL properties. A little background - I live in Saltaire, near Bradford with my partner Jonathan and our little scruffy dog Rosie. We bought our first house a couple of years ago for a very good price, as we knew the owner, and have bumbled along renovating it without really realising what a gem we had managed to buy. We have now got to a point where the property is worth at least £45k more than we bought it for and I am on a mission
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