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  1. Hi guys, Great points mentioned above! I was just looking for this video again. Does anyone know if it still exists after the revamp to the property hub? Thanks Mike
  2. hufhouse- we use a VPN to connect to noddle abroad
  3. Hi, huffhouse- I hope Steve can help he was recommended to me from a reliable source so I'm sure he's pretty good. Garry- have you found anyone that can help for a LTD company. We have recently had a company set up so are now looking for a broker that can help with this.
  4. Hi Mark, Thanks for your message. We have looked into Eccles especially but are open to researching other areas too. We will definitely come to one in the summer (probably July) as we will miss it in April. I've heard great things about it on the podcast so it'd be good to meet you
  5. If your planning on taking the money out of the company to use then it may be better to not use a ltd company...
  6. Sounds like a solid plan to me. HMO's definitely sound like more work but I think it is the best way to make the numbers work for me as I'm currently living abroad. This means I'm looking for sourcing agents to find and manage deals for us. Turns out these are quite difficult to find! I think using the ltd companies would probably work out best with the new tax changes, but obviously depends on how much you currently earn and how long you are intending to keep the properties for. Let me know when you speak to an accountant/ broker and when you get started
  7. Hi Nick, Thanks so much for your review it's really good to hear peoples views on these type of courses. Just out of curiosity how are you (or anyone else that has attended...) getting on with your property journey now? It's easy to hear the success stories from people that attend the courses but you never hear how people who don't pay for them get on. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm currently teaching in Qatar with my wife. We are looking for sourcing agents in the Greater Manchester/ Liverpool area to buy and help redevelop HMO properties. We currently have a BTL property in Buckinghamshire and are looking to expand into the Northern Powerhouse. We will be back in London on 18th April to set up a limited company, but we can get lending as an expat currently. If anyone can help or pass on contact details of someone that can we'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance Mike and Sarah
  9. Garry- Where are you living in the Middle East? I have spoken to a mortgage broker who had expat mortgages available if it helps anyone... His name is Steve Taylor who found some lenders under 4% in December (+447918761989). Just let him know I gave you his number He's really helpful and very quick to get back to you
  10. Hi Scott, I'm very new to property myself but I have a similar strategy in mind with the HMO side of things. Have you done any flips before? I know this is a great way to raise a bit of extra cash but I also have heard you can lose a bit of control when flipping properties depending on what people are looking for in the area. I am also wondering about the ltd company route so I'm interested in what others have to say. All the best
  11. Hi all. Currently living in Qatar and looking for the same thing. I'm starting to realise the larger mortgages seem much more available and thinking multi lets/ HMOs may be the way to go. Anyone had success with this strategy as an expat?
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