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  1. Hey Peter, Cheers for getting in touch - I’ll drop you a line this coming week. Kind regards, Will
  2. Hello Investors of Liverpool! I have my first single let in Liverpool (Old Swan area) completing in the next couple of weeks. I would love to hear any recommendations (or cautionary tales) for letting agents which operate in that region! Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks Will
  3. Hi Everyone, For those of you who invest through a Ltd co, who do you bank with? Any recommendations/horror stories? Ideally, I am looking for a decent period without fees, and quick set up! Thanks! Will
  4. Hi All, So I am trying to get my head around how to accurately determine areas which will rent quickly, in order to avoid void periods. Taking the L13 area of Liverpool as an example, there are currently 100 properties on the rental market, 124 if you have included let agreed. What ratio between these numbers would you consider to be reassuring of an active rental market? Cheers! Will
  5. Hello Everyone, Seems like I may have slightly overpaid on solicitor fee's when purchasing my current residence. Now that I'm looking towards my next project, these are some costs which i'd like to get under control. A couple of questions for you kind people: 1. Not including search fees etc, what do you consider a typical and reasonable solicitor fee when purchasing circa £70k properties in the north-west? 2. I'd love to hear of any recommendations you have for reasonably priced but very communicative and generally "on-it" solicitors in my regi
  6. Thanks for this Darren, interesting stuff. It does sound like a sensible approach to be honest, especially in our region. Have you had much success generating interest using the 3d CAD images? I've seen some of your mock ups, they do look great, but also wonder how this actually converts to genuine interest? Cheers, Will
  7. Thanks Richard - coming to my help again...! That first link is great, I had been really struggling to find information on Average Time to Sell. I like the idea of comparing SSTC with nos of available properties, going to have a play with this tomorrow morning!
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm interested to learn which metrics you consider most important when assessing potential areas for BTS renovation projects? I'm especially intrigued to hear what resources or factors you use to measure buyer demand, beyond the normal fundamentals! Cheers, Will
  9. Hi Richard, Thanks for the detailed reply, really appreciate it. - Interesting to learn that i'm looking at 2 years worth of accounts if going through my own company. I definitely need to mull this over some more. - Thanks for raising bridging as a possible solution. My current plan is to complete my first BTS using my own cash - I'm keen to cut my teeth on a smaller project, where I won't be contending with high-interest payments if an overrun occurs. - Good point regarding the funding of my lifestyle - I have budgeted for the next few months, and the curre
  10. Hello Everyone, I am the midst of my strategy formation before jumping into my next property venture. I had a question regarding the finer details of refinancing options... I imagine the general advice may be "speak to your tax accountant / mortage broker", which ultimately is the plan - I'm just trying to get vaguely informed before I enter that discussion. I am aware that this has turned into a bit of a lengthy post... any help or advice would be fantastic! Quick Background: I currently live in a 2 bed flat which I have renovated and own outright. The second ro
  11. Brilliant. Thanks again for the detailed reply. Inspiring stuff to see you gaining a bit of momentum over your first year!
  12. Thanks for the detailed response Darren. Some really useful information there. I have a few points which i'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on... You make a strong case for BTS, especially in the early days. I hadn't actually considered the time implications of remortgaging, thanks for raising this. Makes sense to leave BRR for a later date and a larger cash pot. Quick question - How did you come to the figure of reaching £250k in cash before moving into rentals? I assume this figure will allow you to maintain the momentum of your BTS revenue stream alongside tying cash
  13. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding investment strategy - any help or advice would be really appreciated! A little background: Looking to invest up to £115k in the NW in the near future. I am a construction professional and have personal experience of performing cosmetic renovations on a previous property, which I own outright. For the next 3 months I am in-between permanent employment, so seems like a fantastic time to get the ball rolling with this side-line project. My ultimate aim is to build an income through property renovation/developmen
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