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    -Ultimately Financial Freedom, but for now build a steady BTL portfolio whilst flipping properties along the journey.

    -Replace working income with portfolio income.

    - Make gradual transition into full time property investment / renovations

    -Own at least 1 property outright by the age of 40.

    -Clear student debt at some point.
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    Healthy Lifestyles - Gym / Diet / Training
  1. When you next in the area Desidude? What's your contact details please?
  2. Hi Desidude.... What areas of Wolverhampton you looking into/investing in with a Premium HMO? Regards Lee
  3. No worries . I have sent you a email to the address in your contact profile. Speak soon.
  4. Hi Joceline, Hope all is well, I'm from Wolverhampton and invest here. If I can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Regards Lee
  5. Hi Jon, Yes you can make a career out of it, providing you make good strategic moves as you have no income but a good cash pot to start with. You could look at Joint venturing with someone who's time poor but can get mortgages (Make sure you work with the right person and do your DD) or do as you are looking to and renovate/trade properties with 300K pot. Develop/Devise a strategy that suites and your situation. Research various areas of the UK, where you may get better value for you money etc.
  6. Hectic day viewing properties :-)

  7. Morning Richard, Thank You for taking the time to reply with such a detailed answer. The property was originally the primary residence, but then became a rental property when a new house was purchased for primary residence. The house has been vacant for a number of years now, easily 10 years. Family member a tired landlord/loss of interest etc. Gifting the property to me is not really an option, as their are fellow family due to the estate as well. Given the complexicities.. Is a clean cut sale perhaps the answer?? Rather than trying to utilise/leverage the equity tied up in this prope
  8. Morning all, What's the best way to take maximum advantage of a unencumbered vacant property, a family member no longer wants and is willing to sell to me... Family member happy to support me 100% to help kickstart property investment career and wants no financial benefit from any rents etc... Family member Re-mortgaging to free up equity unlikely due to their age (73). My thoughts so far... Leave property unencumbered for now, as a pose to buying now with a mortgage... So... Lease option or EDC - Preferably EDC Refurb uplift the value (In current state worth 60-65k, post refurb c
  9. Hi Richard, Thanks for the response, Ive got a little cash pot to play with so could complete some purchases via cash and or finance. Covering those bases are a long term aim, but i thought id list as thats where I hope to go with it in the future. Thanks for the insight/guidance, its what I need. Much appreciated, Lee.
  10. Afternoon guys, I need a bit of advice please. Thanks in advance for any advice/tips received. What structure shall I purchase properties in for the most tax efficient way of investing for my goals within property investing?? I want to achieve enough rental income to enable me to quit my job. Once I’ve achieved that target rental income, I largely want to trade, flip and develop properties. However, on route to achieving my target rental income, I want to occasionally flip properties and re-invest any profits as I don’t want to always recycle cash out, as I like a little stress mar
  11. Thanks Richard, Will definitely check them out.
  12. Landlord Buildings Insurance for a single let. Currently with Payment Shield. Renewal quote has gone up to £360. So currently shopping around, Maras Insurance have quoted £320, Directline £271. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  13. Welcome G.... Names Lee from Wolves... I'm a newbie too, not long completed my first renovation. Congrats on taking the first steps. What type of property you brought? And what you intending to do with it? Regards Lee
  14. Morning Mike, I just had a similar issue with a pcb and a tank leak. I opted to install a combi Valliant ecotec 28kw. £890 the boiler cost me. :-|. Lol. A 24kw boiler will probably be suffice for you. The favourable recommendations I recieved from tradesmen were Vaillant, Worcester and Ideal logic+. However, it will be interesting to see what boiler recommendations are put forward via the forum. Kind regards Lee
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