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  1. My tenancy agreements have indexing linked to tenant circumstances. Retirees are linked to state pension index, working tenants are linked to RPI. Thankfully my working tenants are either in essential retail, able to hybrid work or one is a truck driver and in great demand. Thankfully none of the agreements have fuel cost included, that would be a nightmare at the moment. For those landlords, I guess it would be best to get onto a capped tariff and stay there until the market settles down. Bob
  2. I've just signed off my third year of accounts prepared by an accountant. I'm only a small ltd co with three properties growing at about 1 per year. Turnover was about £12k and accountants fee £1320 which seems steep to me. I can mimic their balance sheet data from my excel records with ease so I'm tempted to bring the accounts in house. I'm retired so relatively time rich - can it be that difficult to do a balance sheet and file a CT600? I've got 3 years worth of professional worked examples to follow. I'm not doing significant refurbs so the possible pitfalls mentioned above.
  3. No such luck with one of my Local Authorities. A new tenancy was due to start on a Friday but the tenant moved in on the saturday. The LA even raised a bill for the extra day and posted it to me it was only £3 something - must have cost more to raise it than the amount itself. Bob
  4. Having just come out of a 3-4month void period on one of my rentals, I realise I could have reduced the financial pain somewhat. Energy suppliers still want to be paid the standing charges during a void. So as soon as your property is empty, switch to a supplier that has no contract exit fee and no standing charge EBICO and UTILITA are two such companies. Yes the KWh charges are high but you won't be using any significant amount if at all during the void. Your could consider cutting off the water to save that charge but that might need thinking through as you would not be able to fl
  5. For best returns with least effort, spread funds widely in secured property Peer 2 Peer briging loans with first £20k in an IFISA wrapper. Yes there will be the odd default but quite a few of the P2P platforms are very effective at recoveries. Bob
  6. Hi All, Newly retired and looking to protect some capital via BTL Done the stock market, Peer 2 Peer lending and need to spread the risks by getting into property. Ideally to buy a ready converted house split into 2 self contained flats. Where do I find what is available? Normal Estate Agent or are there specialists dealing with investment properties. Keen to learn. Cheers Bob
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