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  1. Hi Matt, I think Northampton would be a great place to start. I can recommend a good property sourcer and mentor but of course it's worth shopping around for this. Based on your situation, I would say the ltd company route would definitely be the way to go - i.e. investing for the long term, for inheritance purposes. However if you would need to use the money you are accumulating to live off it may not be quite as tax efficient depending on your circumstances. Tax advice would be a must. As would listening to the propertypodcast and propertygeek podcast - wealth of free info about all those topics. Let us know how you're getting on!
  2. Hi DMac, Thanks for the reply! She's midway through her mat leave so a little too far down the line. She's chatting to a couple of brokers so hopefully they'll know the maternity friendly lenders. Congratulations to you and your wife and good luck with the remortgage. Cheers Muna
  3. Hi all, As I'm the only one amongst my friends who actually finds mortgages exciting, I get all the property related questions. Thought I'd pass this one on to you clever lot as I have no experience with it! Do any mortgage lenders lend based on your full time salary whilst on maternity leave - 6 months left? Thanks!
  4. Hi there, does anyone know if it is possible to claim home office expenses if you are not self-employed? I have a day job but self-manage from home, will I be eligible for this discount too? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, only just spotted this but I can recommend Amity Estates www.amityestates.co.uk - actually stolen this recommendation from another propertyhub member. Ask to speak to Bond, he's great. How the BTL hunt go over the summer? My partner and I are looking for ourselves (BTL) and for my sister (FTB) in similar areas now. Cheers Muna
  6. hargrave

    London on 200k?

    Any ideas where to find a property in 2017 (not at auction) for approx £200k commutable to Central London in under an hour? Ideally 1 bed with separate kitchen or 2 bed...determined to find the last one in 2017
  7. hargrave


    Hi all, I became an accidental landlord in 2014 and very quickly fell down the property rabbit hole, love it. We have 2 x BTLs in London (Archway and Crystal Palace) and are in the process of purchasing a 3rd. Thinking about mini-HMOs for the future. Also currently trying to achieve the impossible, find a flat in London for 200k....please contact me if you have any hot tips - at the mo I'm focusing on Thornton Heath, Croydon, Newham etc. Thanks Muna
  8. Hi! Finally found a place where obsessing about property in the norm :D