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  1. Hi, I own an apartment in Docklands, London and manage remotely while travelling the world for the last 3years 4 months. I haven’t found it very difficult at all (currently in Morocco) and that’s not because I haven’t had any issues either. I had a change of tenancy to deal with plus a few maintenance issues. The change of tenancy I returned for a month to deal with through openrent.com which is a great resource but doesn’t handle viewings, which I like to do myself anyway. I dealt with a leaky tap, repaired a washing machine and even had to replace a boiler in that time. For maintenance I use mybuilder.com if you have a good relationship with the tenant, which starts with the viewings, choosing your tenants carefully (obviously get all the background checks done but also listen to your gut feelings and go with tenants that you sense you will be able to communicate with) I always make sure I checkin with my email everyday, if there is a problem I’m then able to reassure the tenants immediately and contact tradesmen. mybuilder.com I have found stress free. The site is sort of self regulating. Tradesmen offer their services for your posted job. You can check background facts on the tradesman and references from others who’ve used them. I contact the tenant after to ensure the job has been done satisfactorily, I transfer funds to the tenant to settle up and pick up the receipt from the tenant when I’m home next. I require tenants to set up a standing order to pay rent and this is easily checked these days through online banking. With all the resources available now I wouldn’t return to using an agent, what the hell are they doing every month? lol
  2. Not sure it’s going to add value but many will see it as a desirable extra, so should help to generate interest in the property And it only costs money when you switch it on...
  3. I decided to switch to using Openrent.co.uk to find my last tenant as opposed to a 'regular" agent and it was a great experience. I like the way the website is set up, you 'add' and pay just for the services you want over and above the basic advertising of the property online. Pretty much everything is there that a landlord requires when looking for a tenant, except viewings, those must be handled by the landlord. That suited me perfectly as i definitely wanted to 'meet and show' face to face. Help with the listing, professional photographer if required, referencing, contract, inventory, handling of deposit. Listings are displayed on Rightmove, Zoopla and others i believe. Initial inquiries are viewed and organised via the portal. I would highly recommend it for someone who wants to keep an element of control and has a time to devote to the process. And best of all, the service is a fraction of the cost of an agent. I definitely won't be switching back....;-)
  4. Thanks for your reply jj and sorry for the delay in responding That's a good point but for me it's important to handle viewings myself, especially as i self manage remotely. I feel it's crucial to meet prospective tenants and show them around. I know the job is being done properly and i can use the time to size up interested parties. I think i'm just going to have to suck it up and spend the time required in the UK to get the job done Cheers
  5. I’ve been renting properties over many years now but was just wondering what others thought... I have a flat in London E16 which has been rented out successfully for over two years to a very good tenant. He advised me some months back that he would be leaving at the end of August. I am based overseas and handle the property myself. I will return to UK to re-let the property. My question is, due to time/cost constraints of returning (I don’t want to use an agent) when do members think is the best time to advertise their properties? Normally of course, this would be as soon as the tenant gives notice but in my case the tenant has already do so. Pointless advertising too early as I won’t be there until 1st August to do viewings. Most people already renting would have to give a month’s notice to leave their present place. Any thoughts? I was thinking of two weeks before I arrive but then people usually want to proceed fairly quickly... Bit of a long post, sorry, but just interested in any others thoughts and experiences cheers
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Finally got the payment away but not after some serious spoiling tactics from the bank. They had me call the fraud dept for 10 minutes which along with everything else turned me a little paranoid! Can’t complain I suppose it is all in my best interest! Best of luck to everyone and especialy England later!
  7. Using Halifax, making an online transfer they basically refused to do it. I'm overseas at the moment and have to call them personally if i want to make the payment. Definitely got me wondering now...
  8. I've tried to make a first payment to LendSwift and my bank is strongly recommending i do not proceed...anyone else having similar?
  9. I received an Investor Brochure from LendSwift recently and was wondering if anyone else was interested in this property investment vehicle? If so, want to share your thoughts? Cheers
  10. Thanks for your reply Yuliya what do you mean by a joint venture?
  11. Hi, I am 59 and have been working overseas for most part of my life and returned to the UK recently. i bought a one bed flat in London for cash last year and rent it out. I'm now I'm thinking of investing again up north somewhere. i'm not working and have more than enough for deposits on several more properties. My question is can I secure lending when I have no credit history, I'm 59 and not working? Any info greatly appreciated. thanks
  12. Hi, I have a tenant (Greek national) who's been in my apartment in London for 9 months. He's a very good tenant, no problems and always paid his rent on time. He has decided to stay in the U.K. long term (good news for me) and understandably due to his difficult to pronounce name he has changed it by deed poll. He has given me a copy of the legal document but I am wondering how this effects my contract with him (six month short hold tenancy agreement in his old name) and if there is anything I should do. I should also mention that I want to increase the rent 1st of June (in line with market conditions) thanks for for any answers
  13. Hi all, i have an investment property in London and I'm looking for another. I agree with the sentiment that London is probably over bought and not much room for further capital appreciation and rents to rise in the short to medium term. I also agree that there's more room for prices and rents to rise in the north. My question is, seems to me that more people are talking about Manchester, Leeds rather than Birmingham. I know about the huge investment programs for all these cities but If we look at the driver (HS2) for these programs, Birmingham will deliver much sooner 2026 verses 2033 for Manchester and Leeds I've yet to make up my mind on where to invest would just like to hear people's opinions. thanks