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  1. Hello all, Im Jimmy. Well where shall i start..first of all iam so impressed by Property hub which i accidentally stumbled across it on my podcast on my iphone and i listened to every single one. Regardless if i knew some of the knowledge its a good refresher and Rob & Rob have done an excellent job and i learnt alot about the market and continue to do so. Fundamentals stay the same but you can never know enough! I decided to dropout of education and stumbled across my first off plan purchase in Leeds and started investing in property at the age of 17. On my journey i experienced my first property crash as soon as i entered the market and was a few purchases in which was back in 2007/2008 and learnt many lessons on the way. I guess i was young and ambitious..maybe a little too ambitious. Iam now at the age of 30 and acquired properties over the years across London, Sheffield & Leeds which i self manage. Another thing i would like to add is that i worked and still work at an estate agents firm, which has helped gain great knowledge about the industry while at the same time growing my portfolio for myself and my family. This has been a key step as i can sit on both sides of the table being an agent and a landlord. So here it goes.... What you've done in property so far: Acquired buy to let properties over the years across London, Sheffield & Leeds. We are in it for the long term and do not sell properties but tend to hold on and refinance on the way to fund future purchases. What areas you invest in (or want to invest in): We invest anywhere where the figures stack up and is close enough to transport links, but plan to focus on London. As it stands everyone says that London is overpriced and yes i agree yields do not make sense and with stamp duty raised its getting more difficult.....But! if you look hard enough then there is still deals to be made. The high end market is stumbling but the estate agents wont admit this...and the lower end of the market is booming still. I would focus on few areas in the next few years such as Barking, Edmonton, Romford. Try focus on few areas and not to many or your search will be too broad. Tip – I like to spread my investments all over London as some areas might perform better than others in terms of growth. What your plans are for the future: With the new tax changes and future tax planning to form ltd companies to future purchases. Expand our portfolio...we are in it for the long term not short term. Focus on areas that a regenerating and better transport links Maybe look buying off-plan properties to either flip or hold Auction properties Conversions and refurb projects Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from: Lettings & Managing properties personally and for others (residential only) Buying / Selling Properties Investments (Buy To Let) New Builds Regeneration Areas / Off Plan Sales Block Management Hmo (Room Lets) & Management Short Term And Long Term Rentals Corporate Lets Sourcing UK Investment Properties Selling Off-Plan Properties To Our Investors Studying Floor plans And Building Plans Focusing On Regeneration Projects For Growth Managing And Creating Portfolios For Our Investors Im happy to share my knowledge and at the same time gain some too from others. Dont be shy and say hi! Kind Regards, Jimmy
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