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  1. Hello all, Would really appreciate any suggestions from anyone who has used a builder for conversions or something comparable before and can recommend. The builder I was set on using has been delayed on another job due to subsidence discovery and has a undefined delay as a result. The property is in Coalville, Leicestershire. Any suggestions would be great. Ta, Glen
  2. Thanks Chris, appreciate your reply. It is gas central heating I have so I'm used to the gas safety cost. To clarify, is it the case that with free-standing you cannot claim it against tax? I find it hard to get clear information on this...
  3. Hello all, I'm just getting prices for a (attempted) low-cost refurb job on a BTL property. This involves many things but in the kitchen, mainly just new units and surfaces, as opposed to a complete refit. I am debating whether to go fitted or free-standing on the oven-hob. Other appliances will all be free-standing so aesthetically it'll be a bit mixed, which I've accepted. The existing cooker is gas, free-standing, and I'm not sure that wiring is suitable for a fitted electric oven and hob as a replacement. This will result in extra fitting costs if I go fitted. I've found lots o
  4. Haha, I think it has been, to be honest. It has taken a bit of time for him to get to get all the necessary SOPs in place and to keep on top and limit damage/problems in general, but he still thinks it's worthwhile. He's really well in-tune with the LHA system and people, so I should have a good mentor at hand! Obviously I have my reservations, and I would probably have avoided it had I not been faced with this expensive renovation. The thing is, since I have to pay out a large chunk, I really want to see a greater return on my money after doing so, and it'll put me in a safer position long te
  5. Hi Mark, thanks for that. My knowledge of demand is based in part on experiencing very short void periods when finding new tenants, but mostly on advice from my stepfather, who has a number of properties in and around the same area, all of which are let to LHA tenants and two of which are HMO. He has good success so far and says that there is great demand whenever he has an empty room. The local council are very active in placing tenants quickly and what with policy now entitling single, under-35s' to the one room rate of 75/week, I thought it would be a good move. That said, I do need to
  6. Thanks Rob, I've actually decided that, due to the conversion (that I'm pretty much decided on), I'll have to give the tenants notice and begin the work as soon after they move out as possible, right? (On that note, can I have the contractor in to quote in the interim between giving notice and the tenants vacating?). However, I think I may be staring in the face of several months void as I'm hoping to use a contractor who my parents have also used and he may well be working on a project of theirs at the time. Do you think it's worth losing money through a longer void in order to use a builder
  7. Hi all, So, I've just had the dreaded news that a BTL of mine needs significant work done (£thousands, not £hundreds) in order to keep the current tenants and have them resign (their current contract ends in 3 weeks) or even make the place lettable to new tenants. Basically, the work needs doing - poor insulation, rising damp, re-wiring electrics, etc. Currently, the monthly rental is around £150 above the mortgage cost, so not a huge amount, especially since interest rates are set to rise, right? Not to go into specifics just yet, I'll just say that by spending a little more in the re
  8. Hello and thanks for reading my post! This is my first ever, after being a serial side-liner all my life. There was a strong culture of confidentiality in my house growing up, so I've been reluctant to share ANYTHING for years, but I've decided that opening up is a much faster way to learn! I'm 25 years old and I love travelling, so after listening to Rob and Rob's Investor vs Landlord podcast and realising that I am and always have been very hands-off, I have decided to label myself an investor (as strange as it sounds to me!). I made all my three investments in property shortly befor
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