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  1. Hi Chris, Great stuff getting everyone together- unfortunately I'll be unable to make the 25th September with being away on my honeymoon. Fingers crossed for a good turnout though. Ryan
  2. Great to meet you all and chat last night, good to talk through things with like-minded people. Am going to get the ball rolling with remortgaging and look forward to hearing updates from you all. Ryan
  3. See you all later on, looking forward to it. Ryan
  4. Good morning all, I've been following this thread as I'm currently living (rented) near Downham Market due to work, having moved from York, and this is the closest PH meetup. A bit about my property interest- I am a podcast convert since around January this year, trying to learn as much as I can. I currently let the 2-bed flat in Gateshead we used to live in out, which has been tenanted for a year and is currently being renewed for a further year. Because of the distance, we decided to use a letting agent to manage it. Because it's possible we are living around here for a couple of years or so due to work, I am keen to meet people with a similar interest, and learn about the market. I'm about an hour away but will come along on the 3rd- looking forward to meeting people! Ryan
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