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  1. Looks like a REIT or be it more focused. My only reservation is its listed offshore in Jersey and I don't know enough about it tbh. I have a small amount of net worth in propertypartner.co site to test the waters so maybe thats the way to go with bricklane…
  2. How would you go about checking on a potential joint venture partner that you meet at networking? ie specific steps and resources to background check someone and their company. this is for a potential HMO refurb project.
  3. Hi AB No answer but I probably will to be safe. Which developments are you looking at? thanks jim
  4. Hi Simon Just wonder how you're getting on with the cottage? Looking into holiday lets myself. thanks jim
  5. About to look into new build developments. for those that have purchased new, off plan, How do you start doing due diligence on developers? Is companies house search useful? should I look for a developers/agents that belong to an industry organization any websites worth checking first? thanks for any tips in advance
  6. Been looking at new build schemes. Developers often have their own solicitor drawing up contracts, is it worth having you own to look over it?
  7. Hi Alan Very impressive portfolio! I have property in London but am looking to venture out for more value. I don't really know those areas well so... 1) How do you find it with properties spread over such a large area. I mean do you have many problem calls from your managing agent? 2) Are your properties around 100k mark? whats the kind of yield you are getting? 3) As an aside, do you invest in singapore or maybe thailand (see a lot of ads out this way. I'm in HK) jim
  8. There's a propertyhub meetup group in Hong Kong once a month. Some of the members have rentals in the north west. Maybe they'll have recommendations
  9. If I was to own a property as tenants in common with friends of family. Would I be able to remortgage/equity release my share of the property (assuming equity not an issue) independent from the other co-owners? thanks in advance for any info.
  10. Funny. All the time I was with HSBC Premier and they never hinted its possible. Tried an expat mortgage broker and they gave me 3.x% as the lowest but that's around 60 LTV I think. No interest ply unfortunately.
  11. Thanks. Kind of what I thought. BTW where is the hotel room project you've invested in if you don't mind me asking. I've been offered a similar 'opportunity' in Bali
  12. Anyone have experience on investing in hotel rooms, car parks, out of town storage, student halls etc
  13. Hi Craig 1) What's the interest rate you're getting and what the LTV? Thanks for the HSBC premier tip, will see what's possible. thanks jim
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