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    Bedfordshire / Manchester
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    I am a BTL landlord and investor with property in Luton, Bedford and Manchester.
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    I am interested in expanding my network and finding synergies with other investors.
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    I had a corporate job in food manufacturing for many years before coming to property. I was a quality systems manager and I am very process minded. I bring a lot of those skills to how I manage my portfolio. I am good with people and strong on sales and buying.
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    I have achieved my goal of leaving full time work and making a living from property investment. I now want to grow my portfolio and concentrate more on apartments than HMO's. I would also like to work with more JV partners in the future. I would consider some larger development projects with the right partners.
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    Cycling, fitness, travel.

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  1. Yes! I totally agree. smarterproperty.net It's a pleasure to work with so many people from Hong Kong. Check out my YouTube Channel for me... More to come. Please request videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4quroqsjiOI
  2. Hi Jack, I'm your man! I will email on the address provided. Look out for an email from nickcorkhill@smarterproperty.net Already working with loads of BNO clients in a similar postion to yourself, I have the knowledge, skills and network to perfectly match your requirements. Nick - smarterproperty.net
  3. Wow! So many buyers from Hong Kong buy property in Manchester. I have been deal sourcing / investing in Manchester for years and I have never seen so much interest from Hong Kong. Nick - Smarter Property smarterproperty.net Are other people seeing a lot of new interest in Manchester?
  4. Hi Kevin, I am doing a lot of work with investors from Hong Kong at the moment, especially in Greater Manchester. I offer deal sourcing, network for legals / finance / survey / lettings as well as project management on refurbs. I am sure we can find some win win wins! Nick - contact details on the website. smarterproperty.net
  5. Hi, how are you, I'm John, from Hong Kong, I'm looking for a sourcing agent in Manchester, and this is my contact: jyik7666@gmail.com, Thanks:)

    1. nikork


      Great to connect John, look forward to working with you. 

  6. I am running sourcing trips to Manchester on a near weekly basis. Where are the best areas for re-location from Hong Kong? Most of my clients seem to like Altrincham, Sale and Swinton best! What about the Golden Triangle? smartproperty.net Which are the best grammar schools? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeA8FHdgDVOvBBRjzlvZTA?view_as=subscriber Also sourcing in Birmingham and London now!
  7. Hey Property Hub people! The Manchester market seems to be really taking off at the moment. I am viewing 100+ properties per month in Manchester through smarterproperty.net (mostly deal sourcing for Hong Kong clients). I am find it's harder and harder to get a viewing, or even get an estate agent to answer the phone. Edward Mellor wont even allow a viewing without full proof of funds and ID checks! Obviously Covid is a major reason, but also just becasue there is so much interest that estate agents don't need to try hard to sell. What are other people finding? Any investors from Hong Kong on here? Political changes are leading many of you to UK it seems. What type of property do Hong Kong buyers want in the UK? All about the yield? Or buy in good growth areas? smarterproperty.net https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeA8FHdgDVOvBBRjzlvZTA/
  8. Hi Elva, I don't believe there is an over supply of apartments in Manchester. I think there is an under supply of high quality apartments. If you want to buy, try to buy the very best units you can afford. That is where there is most scarcity and that is where will feel the strongest capital growth in the long term. Regards Nick - smarterproperty.net
  9. Hi Dominic, sorry for the late reply. I rarely look here. Yes I have, I've sourced a few deals in Middleton. Chadderton, not so familiar. What types of recommendations are you looking for? Good areas or specific properties? Direct message me and we can set up a call if you like? Further detail on the website. Thanks, Nick, smarterproperty.net
  10. Hello hubbers! I work as a deal sourcer in Manchester, I am very interested to learn which areas of Greater Manchester people think are best for capital growth and yield? The areas I have done most of my sourcing (in no particular order) Wythenshawe, Gorton, Droylesden, Whalley Range, Swinton, Pendlebury, Aston UL, Hulme, Reddish. Any thoughts on any of these areas? Anywhere you think I should be doing more sourcing? Thank you, Nick
  11. Hello Hubsters, I am very active in the Manchester property market. I have my own BTL's there and I also do a fair amount of deal sourcing and deal packaging. In the past month or so I have heard from several estate agents, especially around the city centre, that prices have dropped 2-4% since the New Year. I know my opinion about what has caused it... (starts with a B and ends with and endum), but I would love to hear your thoughts... Is there a mini dip in the Manchester property market? If so what has casued it? Will it last? My kindest regards, Nick smarterproperty.net
  12. Happy New Year Hubsters! I am Nick Corkhill, the owner and Director of Smarter Property. I am a Landlord and Property Investor and I do some Property Sourcing in the Greater Manchester Area. My sourcing process involves taking down a bespoke brief from each of my clients and then setting up viewings that match their specific needs. I conduct a 60 point checklist on every property I view covering the building, the fundamentals and situational elements of the investment opportunity. I then run the numbers and try to find the best suited deals for my clients. I also have an excellent network of lettings agents, tradespeople and suppliers in the Greater Manchester area. If you've got the time you can read more about me here - smarterproperty.net You can find some referrals and reviews of me on this and other forums, as well as on my website. Feel free to give me a call if you want some help or support with your property investment journey. Many thanks, Nick nickcorkhill@smarterproperty.net smarterproperty.net
  13. Hi All, I am originally from the North East so I am very aware prices have been flat up there for some time. My sister purchased a flat in Wallsend in 2007 and I think it's still barely the same price she paid for it. With that in mind I am becoming more & more interested in Newcastle as an investment locaiton. If I can buy at 10 year old prices today that has to be a good thing. Newcaslte will always take a little longer to kick start than the likes of Manchester or Leeds... but the base is so low, it's hard to go too far wrong. Brexit fees are putting others off, but I do suspect if people are brave and get into Newcastle now, they will feel the rewards over the next 10 years... That's why I'm puttinng me fatha to good use pounding the pavement! Ha Ha, cheers Dad! Nick
  14. Hi David, great to see a North East investor doing well. I am originally from Hexham, Northumberalnd. I have several HMO's and single lets in Bedfordshire and Manchester. I am now considering some investment in Newcastle and was wondering if you could recommend any areas where you can see strong capital growth coming? My Dad lives in Newcastle so I can get him to do the viewings. smarterproperty.net - that's my website if you want to get in touch direct. Cheers, Nick
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