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  1. On this week's Property Podcast, Rob and Rob highlight 8 wealth-building lessons you need to know about, inspired by Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert! Click here to listen in full.
  2. This week, we tap into Rob D’s ridiculously vast knowledge of short-term finance. What exactly is bridging? What is it useful for? What are the costs? The risks? And most importantly, should you be using this tool to help you on your journey? Listen in full here. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SHORT-TERM FINANCE CASE STUDIES HERE!
  3. We’re all here because of a love for property. This week we give you tips on how to apply for your dream job - whether it’s in property or in another industry - along with the interview techniques that will make you stand out from the pack. Listen in full here. To check out The Property Hub jobs, click here.
  4. This week, we’re discussing the ripple effect. We take a look at how it moved from London to Manchester, what it’s meant in those cities, where it could trickle down to and most importantly how you can use it to find the next property hotspot. Click to listen in full here
  5. Rob and Rob have been in the property game for quite some time now and almost on a daily basis, someone asks them “What would you do?” This week - they're going to tell you! From starting in a credit card hole to making the leap to become a full time landlord, these are the questions they get asked most often and this what they would do if they were in those situations themselves. Click here to listen in full.
  6. He’s back - our very own mortgage rockstar - Dave Cookson. This week, he gives us his expert opinion on what to look out for in 2018. Listen in full here.
  7. The start of the year is the perfect time to set yourself new goals and ambitions for the future. We thought it was an ideal opportunity to have a look at one of our archive episodes about dreamlines. Listen in full here.
  8. We're looking for a number of people, at different stages of property investment, who can be recorded at regular points throughout this year. We will interview you for updates of how you're going, what you've learned, what challenges you've faced. We will then weave these stories into one of the most popular business podcasts in the UK. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned investor, we'd like hear from you ... as long as you have plans to take action this year (otherwise it may be slightly dull for our listeners!). In the first instance, drop us a line to h
  9. Russell has 10 powerful tax strategies that will help you start saving money from today right through to passing on generational wealth to your children. Listen in full here.
  10. Happy New Year! We’ve been so exciting about the beginning of 2018 because we’re finally unveiling our new business. Due to overwhelming demand, we present - Property Hub Tax. Listen in full here.
  11. Episode 250! Can you believe it? This week we take a look back at the year that was and discuss what’s on the horizon for 2018. Listen here.
  12. This week on the Property Podcast, Rob and Rob discuss their predictions for 2018. Will there be growth? Will interest rates increase? Listen in full here.
  13. This week on the Property Podcast, Rob and Rob discuss their favourite things of 2017, including books, tech, podcasts and videos. Listen in full here.
  14. This week on the Property Podcast, Rob and Rob discuss the top regeneration areas in the UK, so you know what's happening and where. Listen in full here.
  15. This week on the Property Podcast, Rob and Rob discuss the North-South divide and dissect a recent episode of Dispatches called “Is Britain Full?” - Listen in full here.
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