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  1. Hi all, I have a limited company with a handful of single let BTL and a few properties in my own name and would like to get an understanding of commercial investing and also utilising a sass pension to do this. Is there anybody out there that does this who I can have a quick 15 minute chat with ideally not someone who is trying to sell me something or push deals my way as I am not at that stage yet. I have read a couple of books on commercial investing and have a brief knowledge of it and sass pensions but I could do with an impartial chat about it….? Thanks, Neil
  2. Hi Dan, Yes, sure I live in Westhoughton, Bolton so we could meet up for a coffee to talk property. Give us a call on 07970146962 Thanks, Neil
  3. Hi Tom, As Julia says as long as the paperwork is correct and in place it’s a good thing, plus your solicitor can check any late or non payments of rent… I am near completion on a property that I am buying with a tenant in-situ - first of all it is good to actually meet the tenant who actually carried out the viewing with the agent. So In this case the tenant had been there for 7/8 years and for me was paying about £100 less then I thought that she should of been paying, the landlord had all the correct documents in place but managed the property from afar and whilst he wasn’t getting bothered in terms of maintenance issues he never raised the rent which was fine as I guess we are all after an easy life, but trying to sell the property with a tenant paying a low rent has meant that the property is not very attractive to an investor which was his target market so he has had to lower the price to account for this. I would say that the property sold without the tenant in would fetch £10-15k more and be sold in a week… anyway speaking to the tenant she said that she was expecting a rent increase years ago but as it never came see just paid her rent but understood that there would be a rent increase when I bought the property… For me it’s an opportunity as the case of buying BMV (if that even exists) a couple of years ago has gone and your more likely to offer above the asking price now a days only for the mortgage lender to offer less meaning you ever have to top off up with more deposit or renegotiate, which is never good thing…, Thanks Neil
  4. Hello there, I view properties throughout the north west but predominantly in Liverpool and have done for the last couple of years. Feel free to give me a call on 07970146962… If you send me the link through WhatsApp I can take a look at it for you and give you my take on the immediate area for free. I can then view the property (if available) and for 95% of the investors that I assist, I send them 80-100 photos/clips of the area via whats app within an hour of the viewing and make myself available for a 10min chat about the viewing which allows investors to make a decision on investing in that particular property (for others I can submit the photos/clips and fill in any spreed sheets as requested but this normally takes a bit longer.) However, as it’s a sellers market the opportunity has probably gone now…? I have a good relationship with most of the agents in Liverpool as I am a regular viewer to most areas so am on a first name term basis with most of them. I also invest in single let BTL’s in Liverpool, having properties in L11, L12, L14 and L9 and also have a Ltd company as well and love talking property. Please check out my website - (which needs updating) https://www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/ Attached is one of the investors who is a returning customer that I have assisted… good luck anyway, Neil
  5. Hello Heya, I invest in L11, L12 and L14 and have one going through at the moment in L9. To be honest anywhere in Liverpool is looking to be a good investment at the moment with prices on the rise, but It depends on your budget. I have always invested in Liverpool in 2/3 bed semi detached houses or equivalent, on 2 year interest only mortgages (post covid) and refinanced after that to take most of the initial deposit back out to invest in another property, it’s amazing how quick two years goes over but this strategy has worked well for me. Also check out inside Liverpool https://inside-liverpool.co.uk/ with Vicki Peers as she has some great content on there and YouTube. Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  6. Hi Isabella, I manage my own properties but if I had use an agent I’d use Homesure. https://homesureproperty.co.uk/ Thanks Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  7. So the first thing I would do is increase the rent or get the managing agent to increase the rent… the reason for this is that I’ve seen It on countless occasions is that lets say you bought the the house for £100k and you are getting £625 for it the yield is quite attractive however 5 years on you might see comparable houses selling at £170k yet you are still getting £625 of which the yield is unattractive to investors and the only way that you could get rid of the property is to ask for less… yes you could get rid of the tenant and sell the property but in most cases that easier said than done and you’ll have the void period where your selling the property…. Personally I’d refinance take as much money from the property to invest in another one though if your not comfortable why don’t you sell up. The sales market is crazy at the moment and I can’t see it slowing down in the near future…. If your thinking of exiting I’d hold on for another 2 years and sell then or consider my options… Neil
  8. Hi Alan, You could do either (I have) but I think it is best to complete a new agreement to keep things above board. I manage my own properties so use NLA AST which I’m a member of and you can do this for nothing… Neil
  9. Hi there, So, my parents have spent all of their savings and would like to release some equity on there house that they own. What would be the implications of my brother and I purchasing the their property for say £100k or at a discount on a BTL mortgage to give them some cash, and us letting the property to them? I understand that we would be restricted to the type of lender that would permit this, plus if we where to let the property back to them I’m not sure if this would be allowed…??? thanks for your help….
  10. Hi there, So, my parents have spent all of their savings and would like to release some equity on there house that they own. What would be the implications of my brother and I purchasing the their property for say £100k or at a discount on a BTL mortgage to give them some cash, and us letting the property to them? I understand that we would be restricted to the type of lender that would permit this, plus if we where to let the property back to them I’m not sure if this would be allowed…??? thanks for your help….
  11. Hello there, I manage my own properties but get an estate agent to find and reference the initial tenant. Not sure how closer friends these are but I’d ask them to go through a similar process and get an agent to check references and the usual checks before they moved in. Ok, it'll cost you a months rent but at least you’ll know that everything is above board, there reframe a check out and they have been moved in in the correct manner with all the correct documentation in place plus I’d get the agent to do an inventory.
  12. Hi Karl, I’m a little on the fence with Tobacco Warf, not that I’d invest there myself but I have viewed properties there sometime ago and the rental values that a contact had given me from a reputable estate agent didn’t ring true so it didn’t take me long to check up on this only to find that they had inflated this by £100/150 per month just to massage there figures, so I’d look in to this... Neil
  13. Hello there, So I think a lot depends on the quality and finish of the property as to the the type of tenant that you can attract, if you provide a house in poor condition you’ll probably get a poor quality tenant that won’t look after the place.... In my mind Old Swan is a good area but goes a little down hill the closer you get to Green Lane where the property gets a little cheaper and the properties tend to be two bedroom terrace properties. Personally I’d stay away from flats and focus on houses unless you can find a flat where the service charge isn’t to expensive but if your after yield I’d stick to houses and stay out of the city centre. L6 and L7 are very popular with investors and most roads within these areas contains a couple of HMO’s or mIni HMO’s of which if your looking for a family house isn’t ideal. Sefton Park and aigburth are great areas but unless you’ve got a budget of £180k + and are not expecting a fantastic yield it’s not very investor friendly if your looking for yield anyway. I am constantly viewing properties in Bootle as it’s a big area to discount as more and more investors are looking for yield. Don’t get me wrong there are parts of Bootle that as a rule of thumb I wouldn’t invest in but there are parts that I would. I also have one property on the fringe of croxteth that I refurbed last year that is best yield achieving house with working tenants who I’ve had no trouble from... I invest in L12, L11 and L14 in Liverpool and all my properties have achieved good capital growth over a number of years and don’t see it slowing down... Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  14. Hi Zahir, I can meet up with you and anyone else now the restrictions have come to an end at the end of June. What date are you thinking? Neil 07970146962
  15. Hi Jitz, Of the two areas you’ve chosen I would look at Anfield, not sure on your budget but It’s defiantly true about the cheaper values and the yield, but I personally I have found that it is not worth purchasing anything to cheap to avoid this problem, although anyone can fall on hard times but I feel that it’s a little safer to purchase something better in better areas. (Anfield is ok though) You mention Wavertree? Wavertree is a big area so parts of Wavertree are great but I’d avoid anywhere around the Webster Triangle especially if your looking for single let property. There was a programme on channel 4 a couple of years ago called £ houses which was a documentary about a couple of streets around the Webster triangle that where tinned up and being sold for a £, and the problems they had with them and the council but It will also give you a good indication of the type of tenants that are in the area and that I property around there would attract, It might be an idea trying to get it back on catch back on the tv? I was asked to look at a property for an investor a 3 bed terraced house on one of the streets not far from the area @ 2 years ago. I mentioned the area to the investor and the programme which he had not seen which was on recently but he was not Interested in my view, and had obviously just had yield in mind... The house was a nice 3 bed terrace at the end of a one way street in a quiet location and from the photos/clips of the area it seemed a good investment, but it was speaking to the next door neighbour who had lived there for 40 yrs it highlighted a lot of red flags, from gangs on the streets of a night, to noise issues with the neighbours, a large group of Eastern European’s moving in one of the houses creating noise, she said that a prostitute was working out of one of the neighbours houses who had been knocking on the doors trying to drum up business the other week 😳 and she had a kennel of which she said that she feed the feral cats who assisted the neighbourhood with all the fly tipping etc. If I wasn't put off the property at the start I was after that conversation... I obviously told the investor all about this and haven’t heard from him since but it’s worth researching the areas fully... Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  16. Hi Leo SD, Yes I do think Liverpool is saturated but from all I read on other areas it’s much the same everywhere else. I started investing about 3 years ago in L12 but have been forced to look at surrounding postcodes other prices crept up and up and am still looking for properties in Liverpool. If you have a target yield that your looking to achieve it becomes a little bit easier to look at and assess deals, obviously prices have gone up but that’s property and the currant market, yes you could wait 6/12 months and there maybe a drop in prices but I don’t think so... As for areas I was brought up around the Dingle (Bread Streets) and have many fond memories of the area and I see it as a good safe investment, ok you may not get as much yield as other areas but you’ll have no problem letting the property out and the majority of the people that live there care about the area which is shown by the way the streets and kerb fronts are kept. Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  17. Hi Charlie, Check out Inside Liverpool with Vicki Peers who package deal properties in Liverpool. Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  18. Hi Michael, I to invest I Liverpool and North Manchester and would love to chat about my experiences in property. Maybe we could meet up when it’s safe to do so and you could buy me a coffee...? 😉 Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  19. Hi Anjub I invest and view properties for investors. Please see my website - www.propertyviewernorthwest.com please give me a call if your interested. thanks, Neil 07970146962
  20. Hi Guys, I would widen your search a little and have a look at L4 Anfield, L21 Bootle, L13 Old Swan/Tuebrook, L8 Dingle and L19 Garston. L6 and L7 are very popular with investors so I would be cautious of buying anything in that area, plus a lot of properties are being turned in to or have been turned into mini HMO’s which is not ideal for those looking for a single let btl. Good luck... Thanks, Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com/
  21. Hi Chaps, I manage my own properties in Liverpool, although if I had to have a letting agent I would look at Homesure estate agents in Woolton. (I think they have another estate agents in Liverpool) As say not to sure price wise but I’d have a look at them... Neil www.propertyviewernorthwest.com
  22. Hi Yiannis, They used to have a property hub meet up in Chorley every 1st Thursday of the month about 2 years ago but they stopped it due to low turnouts but for me this was far better as there was on average 4-8 people there so i found it fascinating to just go round the table and listen to everyone’s property journey and problems. For me I got a lot of out of these meetings and was absolutely gutted when they stopped.... I live in Westhoughton, Bolton so if you want to meet up for a coffee to talk property just message me... Thanks, Neil
  23. Hi Richard, I came close to buying a 2 bed apartment in Hamilton Square, but pulled out due to being mis informed on the amount of the service charges which ended up as nearly double of what I was first told...? (Typical agent !!!) This was over 2 years ago but from what I can recall the EPC was at a suitable level to permit a BTL purchase...? Obviously this must be something different, but I’d like to know a little more as at the time I was gutted about the service charge and have considered looking there again as the fundamentals where great? Thanks, Neil
  24. Yes, it has gone crazy but the trick is to be the first to view and place an offer.... which then puts other investors off....! If you live in say London and have to wait until the weekend or even longer, the chances are by the time you have viewed it (if your lucky) you’ll be in competition with others... Gone are the days when you can make an offer and if others rejected come back to it a week later... Good luck...
  25. In liverpool it’s much of the same, less supply but to much demand... I understand the logic in saving cash to see what happens in 6 months but I can’t see there being much chance of any deals in Liverpool because of the demand. Also, from what I have been reading in 6-9 months time we should have or be close to a vaccine....?
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