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  1. Hi guys, Just a quick question. All the additional costs and fees-Surveyors, Arrangement fees and Solicitors etc- are they paid out of a separate pot to the BTL Mortgage? As in, do you need an additional source of funds as well as the downpayment? Sorry if it sounds a stupid question. Kind regards Noah
  2. Yeah I'm starting to look at properties in my area, I know some lower and higher quality locations within Harborough already. I'm a little concerned with finance though. I work at a Tesco branch, making only around £15000 a year- far below the £25000 minimum most lenders look for. I'm looking into other options to raise the capital though. Would you guys recommend working at a Estate Agency? There's a vacancy available and I'm thinking of working there for both knowledge and experience. Thanks guys Noah
  3. Thanks Ben! I'm currently in Market Harborough, a town about 15 minutes on the train from Leicester. It's popular with commuters due to a train link to London St Pancras so we have a lot of people working in London living here because of the cheaper options available.
  4. Thanks a lot for the reply Brad, that's really helped me out! Rob, I'll get straight on that asap! Thanks to you both! Noah
  5. Hi guys, I'm turning 22 this year and am looking to both move out of the family house and begin acquiring properties to rent. I was wondering if one should be of a higher priority than the other. I understand that being a homeowner has some clout with lenders and there is the matter of equity with regards to finance options. I just wondered what you all think. Should I stay with the parents and build up savings or move out into a rented accomodation? Kind regards Noah
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Noah, and I have been developing an interest in property after reading various works of Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone and of course, both the Robs. While i haven't developed a clear cut goal as of yet, I would like to achieve financial freedom at some point in the future, so as to enjoy life to the full without having to work 9-5 for somebody else. I live in Market Harborough, a stone's throw away from Leicester, so I would be focusing on property in my local area to start with, then to expand my portfolio wider in the future. Presently, I have read Rob's book "The Complete guide to Property Investment" and have been working through The Property hub podcast. I hope to connect with people here and at events in the future. Always willing to learn Kind regards Noah Duffin
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