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  1. Hi Nic Your situation does sound like a tricky one but i don't think its impossible to get out of. Im looking to get into the BTL game with creative ways of funding deposits and getting mortgages also. by the looks of the date of when you posted I'm assuming I'm to late to help but i am curious about the contract you used for all of this. email me at Dragonanf@Gmail.com and we can share ideas.
  2. My names Anthony and I am a huge fan of the property market. Most of my time is spent looking at deals, doing due diligence and crunching numbers. I'm aware of the multiple options and creative ways you can close deals for massive beneficial results and also buying at below market value. This knowledge is wasted without being able to raise capital to put into these deals. I don't and have never had a mentor or "Rich Dad" to educate me, I taught myself. Being part of a young 90's generation I quickly took advantage of the powerful tool I have that we all call the internet and will admit tha
  3. Hey John. Yeah that would be great! Congratulations with your new born. When everything is settled give me an email at Dragonanf@gmail.com Jason - I know exactly where those properties are I walk past them everyday. We should defiantly catch a beer and chat sometime. I'm awear that the prices have gone up but I know there are still bargains out there it's just about fishing them out. Drop me an email and we can arrange something.
  4. Hey John. I actually live in the grove park area and I'm a newbie property investor also. I'm starting to look at good deals in the area that I can get under contract and assign. It's great that your doing the BTL strategy I hope to get to that stage myself by the middle of next year. It would be great if we could get in touch and talk about the market around this area. I'm currently the only person in my knowing of people that is into property and it would be cool if I had someone to speak to and geek out with lol
  5. Im from south east London and I am constantly coming across great deals in my local area. I'm ready to start going out there and start sourcing deals but my only concern is that I need to have a good Conveyancing Solicitor to get contracts drawn for creative deals that I can then Assign on and close to make a profit and proceed into the next deal. I was advised to get onto the forums, ask around and get referrals to get the ball rolling. can anyone help me?
  6. im a 19 year old boy from south east London looking to get into the property game heavy and really need some help. My Situation Im new to all of this and i have recently been told that you don't need any cash or credit to get started. you just need to learn how to make connections, crunch numbers and get detailed information. If somebody is looking for a property to buy or rent you just play the middle man and find it for them and take your cut. im aware this is called property sourcing but there isn't any courses or apprenticeships i can take to get my feet wet. I really have a p
  7. if no one is living there and it looks like it requires a lot of work i suggest you sit down and calculate what the rehab price is (after repair value) and find out how much the other houses in the area are going for within a mile of the house you are looking at.
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