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  1. Hi hubbers A broker is telling me that if I buy a property via a sourcer the lender will charge higher rates and a higher arrangement fee. The additional costs seem to make sourced property un-investible. Anyone have any experience of this? Mortgage in a ltd company. Thanks
  2. Another great episode. I have seen this first hand, I used to live in Hong Kong (2011 - 2013) and witnessed first hand developers targeting the Chinese market directly. It wasn’t just UK developers targeting the Chinese market, even Hong Kong developers went straight to Chinese investors, I regularly heard of Chinese investors snapping up multiple units in new builds in the area I lived (Discovery Bay). There was also a huge market for US repossession stock which I have never seen offered to the UK market. I believe Hong Kong introduced a higher stamp duty on foreign
  3. Hello. I'm Matt from Hertfordshire, I currently own a BTL apartment in my home town which I've rented out with success since 2010, this was originally my main residence which I reconfigured and renovated in 2008. I rented that flat to buy and flip another apartment in the same complex, the proceeds from which allowed me to fund the purchase of my family home, again in the same town. I've managed and worked on all renovations myself (including the on-going renovation of my family home). Despite not working in the building industry I'm lucky to have family and friends t
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