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  1. Hello all, Has anyone got a solid recommendation for a letting and property management agent in Liverpool please? I have a one bed apartment in the city centre. It's a new build and my contract is up with the current agent in one month (it was part of a guaranteed income scheme for 12 months). They don't appear overly professional. They are still haven't confirmed their fees yet which has given me alarm bells. I've been doing some research online (from a v good article here on Property Hub) but there's so many options, I don't know where to begin! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Anna
  2. Hi all, I'm considering buying an apartment "off-plan" (so to speak) in a currently derelict building in Liverpool. The building is a Grade II listed building. It is being completely renovated and made into a new residential development with many units. Delivery would be end 2018. A few things really I'd love some advice on: 1. Will it be difficult for me to secure a mortgage on what effectively is a Grade II listed building (despite the fact that it's being completed renovated)? 2. Am I likely to incur higher than usual service charges down the line? (At present, the proposed services are in line with other one bed apartments in comparable developments in Liverpool - around GBP700 or so, but I fear that over time this could shoot up when the 'wear and tear' kicks in and things needs to be replaced/upgraded etc) 3. As the project is being handed over in late 2018, I assume there is no way of finding out now how much of the service fees will go towards the 'sinking fund'? 4. Lastly, do you think it'll be tougher to sell the unit if part of a 'Listed' building? (ie going back to point 1 I suppose - if buyers will have issues securing a mortgage on it?) Any advice/insights/guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks so much A
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