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  1. I have received an email from Surewise to inform me that 'due to the extraordinary situation that is developing' they will not be renewing my Rent Guarantee Insurance. Does anyone know if the Government have put in place any policies to safeguard landlords in the eventuality that their tenants are unable to pay their rent? I know about the mortgage 'holiday' that I can apply for but is there anything else that I should know about? Many thanks Julie
  2. Hi I self manage my 2 bed property to a couple and their friend. For the last 18 months they have been model tenants until now! I recently contacted my tenants to discuss renewing their contract. The couple are very happy and want to sign for another year but they've informed me that their friend has done a runner. He's taken all his belongings without telling them or me that he was leaving. I've tried phoning an emailing but I'm getting no response. The couple are happy to continue in the house on their own and continue paying the same rent, which is fine with me.
  3. Can anyone give me advice on the following please: I currently have 2 tenants with an AST in a 2 bed property, which they signed for 12 months in July. One of my tenants would like his girlfriend to move in. He has discussed this with the other tenant, who is happy with the arrangement, as am I. Can I just add her name as an addendum to the current AST and get her to sign it or do I need to do something else? Julie
  4. Hi I'm in the process of buying my first BTL property and I need to find a good surveyor in the Tonbridge, Kent area please. Julie
  5. Hi Ian Many thanks for such a comprehensive reply. It's certainly given me a different avenue to think about. Your comments on the future of the property market is interesting and whilst I might have been prepared to take a gamble 20 years ago it's not something I want to do at this time in my life. So plenty to think about! Many thanks Julie
  6. Hi Jason I'm certainly going to get back to my broker to see if he can find a lender offering a longer term mortgage. I had also thought that once I've got one property under my belt I would look to use the equity to buy another. Many thanks Julie
  7. Many thanks Kevin. I'll go back to my broker and ask him to look at some more mortgage lenders.
  8. Hi I'm an enthusiastic mature investor and would like to hear your thoughts on the following. I've done lots of reading and I am confident that I am now ready to look for my first BTL property. I can get an interest only BTL mortgage for a 14 year term. (The short term because I'm not as young as I used to be!). I intend to use the rental income to supplement my pension. So my question is what can I do when the term of the loan is up? I can only think that I will have to sell the property and reduce my pension. Obviously I'll have some equity in the property, but I don't think will cover
  9. Hi everyone I'm Julie and just starting out in the world of property investment. I've done loads of reading on the subject, mostly from Rob's book of course! I've looked at plenty of websites and listened to the Property Geek Podcast and today I went out and spoke to letting and estate agents. So next week I'm going to view my first property and talk to a mortgage broker. But I do have a question about raising the deposit for my first BTL property. I have 2 choices: I currently own my own home outright and I also have a portfolio of equities that I manage myself. So do I take out a sm
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