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  1. If the changes have improved the general look and upkeep of the property then I cant really see any negative impact on you. If they are going to be living there years then they will undoubtedly want to put their own little mark on the place. At least it shows they are personally invested in it and it could be a good sign they intend to stay long term. Maybe just check the quality of the work done and kindly remind them that work should really be approved by you first.
  2. Hi I'm not hugely experienced but off the bat, quote one looks far too high and quote two is far too vague (and looks unprofessional). I can't give you an estimate and I don't invest in London, but I do live just outside London so have a fair idea of what some activities would/should cost. Demolition, plastering and painting costs look especially high to me. Plastering the whole house and the ceilings are essentially the same job as far as I'm concerned and +10k seems extortionate. The only thing you can really do is identify a full schedule of works and then try and price that up in
  3. Hi Alex Interested to see who responds on this because I am not sure whether I have done this correctly. I have personally carried out the refurb, refinanced and then let to tenants, all within the same SPV. As I understand it the refinance is a loan so is not treated as profit and therefore isn't taxed. This allows me to invest it into the next property. Only issue is that it looks like the company is performing terribly financially as it has large capital investments & large debt for relatively small monthly income. However the books don't take into account the large uplift in equit
  4. I have only used Trust a trader a few times but always had a positive experience. As Stephen recommended above, I then went on to dig a little deeper on the companies/tradesmen. I have used it for trades that I don't normally use often, so didn't know where to start looking (tree surgeon, drainage specialist) as well as filling gaps when my usual go-to tradesmen aren't available.
  5. Hopefully by March / April its a bit easier to move around the country and meet up with others. I will send you guys a message once the situation eases up a bit.
  6. Wow, that's outrageous! I'm a big advocate for the smaller challenger banks. I moved my current account over to Monzo a couple of years ago after 20 years with the natwest and can honestly say I haven't looked back. I don't know how the big banks can get away with offering such poor service and products. If they have closed your current account I would definitely take the advice of EvolutionBlogger and raise a complaint through the official channels.
  7. Hi All I'm currently investing in Barnsley and I am looking to also start investing in Sheffield. Would be great to connect with people living and investing in the area. I live a bit further down south but spend a fair bit of time in South Yorks as that's where the inlaws live. Would be great to meet once restrictions start easing up? Cheers, Seb
  8. I second this. I chose Starling when setting up my Ltd Company based on recommendations and I am very happy with the service. Very refreshing to have a bank that focuses on tech and simplicity to provide great service.
  9. I have been thinking about this for a while - this whole area of the market is ripe for a shake up. With all other industries embracing tech to make transactions and management more efficient, the majority of solicitors & agents seem happy to remain in the dark ages. Some sort of CRM type platform that becomes the industry standard will be a surefire winner. Just wish I had the knowledge to develop it!!!
  10. Hi Simon. That would be great. Shall I search you out online and get in contact through that channel? Just so you know my position, I'm currently a couple/few weeks away from getting my money released (lenders/solicitors seem swamped due to SDLT break), but I haven't seriously started looking for the next project yet due to COVID restrictions. Thanks & regards, Seb
  11. Appreciate that's how things are generally done in the modern world but I think there is still a lot to be said for word of mouth and recommendations. In a digital world where people can buy reviews and pay someone to optimise their website so it appears at the top of a search, I don't think that Google is a bombproof solution to finding great people to work with. It can be a very time consuming process to search through a company's history and credibility so if you can narrow your starting list down to begin with, I would say that's much more efficient.
  12. Thanks for your response. Any advice on where to look? I'm quickly learning that knowing or finding the right people is a crucial factor. Problem is, it's so difficult to sift through and separate genuine honest professionals from the cowboys.
  13. In my opinion the number of workman does not matter. As long as you have a schedule of works you need completing and a timeframe you need to work to then get multiple tradesman/companies to price up the work for you. Its doesn't matter if they have 1 person or 50 on the job as long as the work is completed to time and budget.
  14. Hi All I'm new to the forum and this is my first post! I am looking for any help/advice on using bridging to finance developments with a view to remortgage and hold the property (a sale would be an option for an emergency exit) For some background I have completed a couple of light/medium renovations (re-plastering, new kitchen & bathroom etc.) and I am just in the process of pulling my money out of the first property done under a Ltd company. Interested in using finance as I don't want to keep tying my capital up in mortgages while I wait to refinance and I don't want to get bla
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