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  1. Hi. We own a flat in Oxford which is tenanted. We have received a letter from the freeholder "Simarc Property Management" asking for payment to renew the subletting agreement with our tenant. They want to charge us £90 for this. Would have been £138 for a new tenant. I seem to remember to dialogue on a Podcast that suggested that the freeholder does not have a legal right to request this anymore. Can anyone else comment on this? Have any of you challenged such a charge which seems to be for absolutely nothing at all.
  2. Hi. I have an opportunity to purchase a 9 bed HMO in Stoke on Trent. Fully tenanted. 5 double bedrooms, all ensuite. Went to see it yesterday. It has a decent kitchen, separate laundry room and a large basement with boilers etc. Numbers look quite good on the face of it. Monthly gross rental income £3,870. Purchase price £335,000 (plus £4,000 to sourcer) so 13.5% gross yield. And tenancies seem pretty stable with few voids. Based on existing costs of operation and using a 75% LTV interest only mortgage at 4.59% and a commercial valuation of £380,000 (if achievable) would repre
  3. Hi. with my wife we also own 6 properties in our own names in Oxford and have looked into this extensively. goes without saying that you need to get professional advice but a few things to bear in mind. if you are planning to live on the income from the properties putting into your Ltd Co may not be the right solution. as well as Corp tax on the profits you will then pay tax on money you take out of the company. DIvidend tax free allowance is being reduced to £2000 and if you draw a salary you will have tax (at your marginal rate) and NI contributions to pay. y
  4. I would like to hear a discussion around student property, and specifically opinions around the pros and cons of the student pods being marketed by "Emerging Property" and others with fixed returns of 8-10% but no ongoing costs as an alternative to buy to let.
  5. Excellent Podcast. Just one comment, you said that the new mortgage affordability rules do not apply on fixed rate mortgages of 5 years plus. Slight correction on that, the rules still apply but they will use 125% or 145% of your rental income versus that actual mortgage amount you are paying rather than using the 5.5% interest. This i guess is because this is viewed as long term rate that will allow you time to adjust when interest rates do increase. what interests me is when I come to do the mortgage renewal of 2 of my properties that are currently on a 5 year fixed term and t
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