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  1. That was quite interesting. To be honest the I'm surprised that the office complex she referred to wasn't converted into a condominium. In America no one would buy a unit where the land under it wasn't owned by the building (considered comom area.
  2. Mentioned this before but 'm writing a book on investing in German real estate. Thanks to Brexit seems to be a ton of interest in the Frankfurt market - not sure this is a good thing as it's distorting the market a lot but thats a thread for another day. But part of the process is researching the UK market - I'm Canadian so very familiar with the Canada and the US market. I'm also a big fan of Homes under the Hammer and Grand Designs. but as Churchill said we are a people divided by a common language. There is ever so true when it comes to real estate. Can count the number of times I've been l
  3. Reminds of a guy I used to follow on MMM (Mr Money Mustache) forums. He did pretty much the same thing, He FIREd on doing the samething. Buying and sometimes flipping properties.This was after the 2008 property crash in the US so there was an abundance of cheap housing. What most of us couldn't get over is most of the properties he never visited. build up a remote team. I never really figured out how he built his team. He had thousands of posts - he was a global moderator and it was way too much work to try and find all of his posts during that period. Also the MMM fourms were very poorly de
  4. Where are you from? Your profile doesn't give much information
  5. That's one of the reasons I've never liked those sales sessions. The information is correct but it's presented in such a way to make it look easy and simple. Just finished reading Samuel Leeds book (writing a book on German real estate so reading is a large part of the research process), he's big into this sales stuff and he claims that he can find those 25% discounted properties on his phone live anywhere in the country within something crazy like 5 mins. Best is avoid those sales sessions an stick to the old fashion way of buying property Rob
  6. Just curious but does Australia have capital cost recapture? It's a bit of nasty tax law which says if you depreciate an asset and then sell if for a profit later all that depreciation is added back into your income. In Canada you can depreciate anything and stuff like PCs and cars obviously do depreciate. You can claim it against a house but there is no sense as you'll have to pay it all back when you sell.
  7. Can I change my profile name, out of habit I put skyoverloard666 just kidding but it does sound like a cool name. Issue is that this board is for serious investors who want to network and as Rob mentioned in community guidelines no one wants to to be corresponding with brumlad666 Thanks Rob Lederman
  8. I had tapatalk but didn't really like it, probably because I prefer to respond on my PC. Trying to type on the phone I make way too many typos!
  9. I would really encourage you to do your research and treat this as a business not as a hobby. You can't go wrong by reading all of Rob Dix's books. Buy low rent high by Samuel Leeds is another good book as long as you understand that he is using the book to market his super hyped real estate seminars. The information is good but it's not where as easy or fun as he claims it to be. Buying a a property empire is very hard work. I know this won't be a popular view here but with Brexit and the recent tax changes I wouldn't touch the British market with a 10 foot poll. I know that pred
  10. There's some good recommendations here for UK ones for German I'd recommend either https://www.firstfd.de/ -or- https://www.crcie.com/independentadvice/range-services/ Both are good. Rob
  11. If you decide to buy in Germany the key is to look for a flat in a large well managed building and a rental yield around 4%. Buying a place with a tenant is a positive not a negative.Yes Munich is much more expensive but the rents are also much higher. As long as you get your desired yield there’s no issue with Munich. If I were 20 years younger, I’m retired and my wife will be joining me shortly, I’d be going on a buying binge. I personally feel that Germany is on the beginning of a long bull market. My German friends think I’m nuts but I can see prices, even in Munich doubling in the next 10
  12. I hear you on the German, my wife sometimes complains that I let her do all the talking! There’s a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether to invest in the UK or Germany. There is no question the UK market is more dynamic with more opportunity for flipping and capital growth but it’s also more hands on. There is more risk due to the nature of the boom bust cycle of UK housing. Buying in Germany is about long term income, I’m sure as you know, places get rented unfurnished. Not only that but tenants have a more homeownership mentality and tend to stay very long term.
  13. Did you get the idea from Rob's book, beyond the brick. Asking only I had never heard of this before reading his book. Some people might take roommates but never heard of renting a place out and subletting it.
  14. Are you looking for a UK or a German mortgage? i can recommend several very good English speaking German brokers
  15. I'm writing a book about investing in German real estate and part of the process has been reading Rob Dix's books. I have to say he's a great writer! Now compared to the UK market the German property market on the other hand is positively boring. You could buy a place with sitting tenant and they’ll live there for the next 20 years. Your involvement will be limited to the odd problem and the settling of the accounts at the end of the year. To me the big advantage is taxes. You need declare the income on your UK tax return and the reverse is true if I were to buy a place in the UK
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