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  1. Hi all, Getting close to purchasing our first btl propertyo need to start thinking about setting up properly. Can anyone recommend a good broker that would be able to advise on below 50k mortgages? Thanks in advance, Bob
  2. Hi Mandeep, Interested to know how the sourcing went? I too am looking into Marks course. Bob
  3. Thought I would update this seeing as a few months have passed. I set some goals at the start of this journey that I have achieved. Listening to every episode of the Property Podcast, and attending the Leeds Property Hub Meetup. I will be attending a Property Auction next month which was another goal. I have also ready quite a loot of books on top of the ones mentioned before. 'The One Thing' (thanks Darren), Millionaire Fastlane, Basic Economics, How To Win Friends and Influence People, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#ck, Principles: Life and Work, Dominate Your Ground and HMO Pr
  4. Hi, unfortunately i can't answer your question but i too am looking to use this strategy. I would love to know how you got started. Do you recomend any courses or books? Thanks Bob
  5. Hi everyone, coming up to buying my first BTL with a partner soon and wanting advice on how best to set up. Can anyone recommend me someone in the Leeds area? Thanks Bob
  6. Hi everyone, would i be right in thinking there was an example checklist of things to do when researching/buying a property? I have a vague memory of Rob B having talking about an example trello board or something. Maybe im wrong. Im thinking about starting my own and wanted some inspiration, that's all. Thanks in advance Bob
  7. Hi all. Just listened to the podcast about exit strategies and now in the process of getting ours down on paper so myself and business partner can agree on it. We both have two kids. We have no property now but will be buying our first BTL this year. Our aim is to acquire one per year and hold them in a LTD company. We want to reduce hours at work eventually and then, use the rent as retirement income. Eventually though we would like to pass all down to our children in a way that is not too messy. I was told that we could just make the 4 children (adults by then) partners in the co
  8. Sorry for the late response. Children are below 18.
  9. Hi all, I did try to search for an answer to this but could not find anything so sorry if i've missed it. Myself and my business partner (both 20% rate tax payers) are looking to buy our first BTL property soon. Our goals are to recycle our deposit as best as we can and continue purchasing property. The properties will hopefully be used as a pension, and eventually passed on to both sets of family members. We will not need to use the monthly cash flow initially (other than to reinvest), but in 5 years hope to start using some of it to allow us to drop down a day in our jobs.
  10. Hi all, myself and business partner are getting closer to purchasing our first property. We plan to continue recycling our deposit as much as we can and reinvesting to build a portfolio together. Our aim would most likely be to pass our properties down to our families in future. I'm wondering if this would be a messy process as a partnership? And what would be the best way to set up to avoid issues later on. Can anyone shed any light on matters I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance. Bob
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I've been quite busy. Thanks for the excellent answers. Not ended up going for the property after all but still really useful to know this stuff.
  12. Hi all, I'm in the process of researching a deal. I think I have found a really good one with the only issue being the lease has 98 years left on it (126 years from 1990). Now being a podcast listener , I've heard from Rob and Rob that I should be looking for at least 100 years. RMP even state they look for 125 on their fundamentals screening. What do people think? Is this a deal breaker? How easy would it be to extend the lease and how do i go about enquiring? Thanks in advance. Bob
  13. Hi Property Hub, We have been looking into buying our first property for a while now and aimed to have enough money in approx 1-2 years. For reasons i wont go into, we have ended up with some extra money and are therefore in a position to buy something much sooner than we thought. We have also seen what looks to be a great deal that would be perfect for our first BTL. The problem is it goes on auction this wednesday and we have only just become aware of it. Am i right to think that there is no way I can get a mortgage in principal in time for wednesday? Do i have any ot
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