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  1. Hello guys and gals, I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have the opportunity to purchase a property which could be divided into three separate flats over three floors. Two of them would be 2 bedroom flats the third on the top floor would be a 1 bedroom flat. Has anyone been through the process before? Would be great to see what obstacles others had to overcome including building regs etc etc. thanks in advance and Speak soon, ashley
  2. Hello Guys, I haven’t posted for a while. My property journey has now progressed and we have had an offer accepted on for our first flip. Evans-Houlton Developments was born at the beginning of February:) We are looking to purchase properties to renovate in Chesterfield and Sheffield. Would be very grateful if any can suggest property sources or pass along any leads. Thanks, Ashley
  3. Hi Guys, Another question for you here. I was speaking with an old acquaintance of mine a week or so back and mentioned I was getting into the property game (Flips to start off) Anyway, it came about that he had access to the same amount of funds as me. The general conversation was around joining funds together and splitting everything down the middle including renovation work. I totally trust this guy and know he has a proven track record for his work. (His parents have 16 BTL properties and he does all the maintenance) So...... He has a newly formed Ltd co
  4. Hi Mandy, Andrews contact details are below:- Andrew D Hardwick BA FCMA CGMA AIMS Accountants for Business 01246 591100 andrew.hardwick@aims.co.uk http://www.andrewhardwick.aims.co.uk
  5. I would love to see how you have structured your Excel sheet for flipping properties. Would you like me to email you or email me? ash4225@hotmail.com Thanks! Ashley
  6. Hi guys, Do you know what, I actually let him do most of the talking and probe his experience rather than push my own plans. He covered his experience & what he learnt (Good and Bad). The best one to get to know someone and weigh them up, let them do the talking and you listen. Afterwards he spent 1.5 hours going through my business plan, then he covered company structure, tax and then what my exit plan was. Literally start to finish.. Hope this helps, Thanks, Ashley
  7. Hi Guys, Hoping you can help me out here. I am starting to put together my team (Broker, Accountant, Solicitor etc etc) and due to meet with an accountant tomorrow. What kind of questions should I be asking? I have put a few questions together but would like to get your advice:- - What experience do you have in dealing property? - What qualifications do you have? (Looking for Chartered Accountant) - Do you provide rates on a fixed cost basis? - Explain my personal situation. Get their take on outline business plan (Capital gains, I
  8. Hi Everyone! Such a big help having all this information to hand and I wanted to explore the networking side of The Property Hub. I will start from the beginning....... I was a first time buyer 4-5 years ago and I didn't want to buy a new build, I wanted a renovation project. I convinced my wife to do this, oh wow we had a challenge ahead of us!!! We had £25k cash to put into a property and we landed a detached 3 bed house for £135k. Hardly any electrics, no central heating, plaster falling off the walls, rotten floor joists... I fell in love Obviously, this
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