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  1. Thanks paulrybak. Other than the sample questions on the arla website I've drawn a blank. Ive bought and am making my way through the MOL workbook. I'm going to sit the first two units in December and see how it goes. (If I fail spectacularly then I guess I will fork out for the MOL package that includes other support material and mocks).
  2. I've just enrolled on the Level 3 Residential Letting & Property Management (Propertymark) course. I've also bought the MOL workbook. However, in my experience of exams, past papers are a great help. Does any one know where I can find past papers? I can't find any reference to them on the arla website.
  3. Hi all, I've been reading everything I can get my hands on recently online and in books, as well as listening to podcasts and watching youtube. The book I'm reading atm is very interesting, but, it says if you have less then £100K to invest, don't bother as you won't make a decent go of it. I hope to have somewhere between £40K - £60 to invest in my first BTL. I will also have an emergency BTL cash fund of £10K. So, I'm a little deflated (but not put off). So, I'm curious to hear from those making a decent go at it - what was your starting pot when you started out and how long have you been at it? What are your feelings on cash flow? Cash is King and all that.
  4. I'd like to knock a breakfast room, scullery and 'gardener's loo' into one room to make a modern kitchen. A supporting wall divides the breakfast room and scullery. The gardeners loo is adjacent to the scullery but is only accessible from the outside. The outside door to the loo would need bricking up and probably the window in the scullery extended to encompass the loo or it might be quite dark. I'll keep the back door where is it (in the scullery). The whole lot needs a new plaster job, even it is isn't converted! Any rough ideas on costs? tia
  5. Like pretty much every door in the house the back door is an odd size and not entirely square. Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere that would make a sold wooden back door to size? I think it needs to be sold wood as chances are it'll need to be shaved down to fit, even if made to size.
  6. Interesting. If I remember rightly, Kirstie Allsopp is a fan of both larders and utility rooms. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  7. Thanks Richard. I've done lots of reading, and listening and watching youtube. But no networking or paid course as yet. I might pop along to a PIN meeting and see what I think, (not free, but not too expensive at £20). I shan't take my card!
  8. I'm after something similar. Are there any good online sites with rough quotes for jobs?
  9. Hi all, Has anyone joined PIN Academy? If so, is it worth while?
  10. Thanks lee. Yes, I need to get some quotes and see if the figures stack up.
  11. Thanks David. I've wondered about creating a utility room and kitchen when we knock the scullery, gardeners toilet and breakfast room into one. I'd love one, but I'm not sure if the compromise on the size of the (new) kitchen would make it attractive to buyers. :/
  12. Hi Derek, Thank you for your reply and condolences. So, the property has been on the market for £315K. We're going to bring it down to £300K with the new agent. Similar properties, but up together / recent refurbs, are going for between £335K - £350K. So, I *think* the price is fair and the agents are in agreement (we've had 4 quotes). Plus, the bungalow is on a large corner plot and has lots of scope for extending. (As has been done a property further down the road). However, it is bungalow land and although there are more families cottoning on the the benefits of bungalows (space / value for money), we are getting mostly pensioners through the door, and they just don't want the bother of all the work. Storage is a good idea, and I'll try to look into that before the open day. I guess we could do a few fixes here and there too. I kind of thought because it is a complete doer-upper that people wouldn't care. (There is textured wall paper on the wall and polystyrene tiles on the ceilings, dated kitchen and bathroom etc). But maybe the silly things (missing door handles etc) just add up and tip the scales. It's worth a go anyway!
  13. My property journey starts with selling my late father's bungalow. It has been on the market for nearly 12 weeks now and not a single offer and barely any viewings (half a dozen). There is no chain, but my mother is there and my eldest daughter until it sells. There is a lot of 'stuff' which doesn't help matters. We are making progress getting rid of stuff, but with the tired dated decor it is never going to be an easy one to 'stage'. We are going to reduce the price, are due to switch agents in a few days and will launch with an open morning. My view is the more packed up / empty it looks the better. My sister wants to leave all the tired furniture in place, even in unused rooms. Any tips on how to shift it? What would you do? (I know ultimately it would go if we knocked the price right down).